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A few lovely items that I’m dying to get my hands on…

New Look Wishlist: Blue Blue Blue*

By January 22, 2014 My Style, Wishlist

Hello everyone! (I still have no idea how to introduce these blog posts) Today I have a bit of a wishlist for you from New Look! I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite pieces at the moment, and I hope you like it! I didn’t purposely make it all colour coordinated, but that’s kinda’ how it ended out!

New Look WishlistTeen Tile Print Dress//Teen Space Dye Dress//Cold Shoulder Dress//Teen Alabama Airtex Crop Top//Teen Polka Dot Crop Shirt//Block Heel Sandals//Teardrop Choker

Tile Dress – I have really taken a liking to shift dresses, and this one is super nice! I think it would be perfect for all occasions and all seasons. Wear it in Summer with a pair of sandals, in Autumn with a big snood, Winter with a leather jacket etc etc. It’s just such a versatile and simple dress! Shift dresses are really flattering too, so this would be perfect for me with my mini figure!

Space Dye Dress – I think ‘2 piece look-a-like’ dresses are the perfect of ‘easy wear’ items to own. You can literally just wear it, plus some shoes, and then… you’re done! I’m a big fan of marl, or tie dye, so this is such a gorgeous dress for me. EEEE, I seriously cannot wait until Summer so I can wear nice dresses and loads of friendship bracelets and just be all cool and like ‘Oooh yeah, I’m all snazzy because it’s the Summer’… um, I believe writing past 7 o’clock at night means I go slightly mad and bring out my inner self.

Cold Shoulder Dress – I’ve always liked the idea of these style dresses, and the fact that you could still wear it with things underneath, makes them pretty cool. I also like how this one is really nice and floaty so you could wear it on the beach and it would look love-r-ly.

Alabama Crop Top – Ooh, 2nd item in blue… oops. I’m not usually a big fan of sport luxe, but this is actually quite cool. The texture of it would make it so nice to layer and it would look so cute with a pair of shorts. Ooooh, seriously guys I cannot wait for the sunshine… *sigh*

Polka Dot Crop Top – I’ve been on the look out for a nice button up blouse, and I am a big fan of navy and white, so this one is now on my radar! It’s pretty cute, and would go with quite a lot of my wardrobe. Perfect!

Necklace & Shoes – Another blue-ish item with the necklace. I haven’t got many silver pieces which are nice and chunky, so this one looks so pretty. It would look so nice with a fluffy jumper, dungarees, any of the above dresses, so basically anything! The shoes are also really nice because they don’t look too high. They look like they would be quite comfortable and would again go with quite a lot.

(This is a post in collaboration with New Look. I may have been paid or gifted to publish this post on behalf of New Look as one of their favourite bloggers. You can read my full disclaimer here.) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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If I Could I Would Wishlist: Funky Bling & Quay

By October 11, 2013 Fashion, Wishlist

Hello everyone! How are you on this fine grey day? I’m really tired at the moment and cannot wait for a weeks break very soon (although, it’s not really a break, as I’m gonna’ be verrrrry busy!), and also I have to sleep next door to a 3 week year old baby (eeeee!) so I guess this tiredness will get worse… oh. Anyway! This is a ‘If I Could I Would’ wishlist, basically meaning, if I had the money to waste on very expensive beanies, these are the ones I would pick (and other stuff)… enjoy!

designer high end fashion wishlist tatty devine quay eyeware funky bling asosAnnabelle//Bat//Pink Harvest//Yellowbric//Ivy//Mancini From £23.69 – £24.99

Quay Eyeware – I found this amazzzzzzing glasses brand via ARK clothing, and oh wow, I have fallen in love. SO NICE. My favourites are the ‘Pink Harvest’ pair. I love round sunglasses and these are bright pink sooo….? They’re not like £300+ obviously, but I do have quite a few sunglasses, so they aren’t really needed, but ‘If I Could, I Would‘… haha! designer high end fashion wishlist tatty devine quay eyeware funky bling asosRebel £60.00//Dope Jewel £150.00//Meow £30.00

Funky Bling Beanies – Upon searching ‘funky’ into ASOS (as you do), I came across these beanies. Now, I am sure you could DIY them some how (anyone have any ideas?), but they are pretty cool. I don’t think I could ever quite commit to owning a £150 beanie really… or a £60 one… or a £30 one… but, they are pretty cool! My favourite is the REBEL one. I feel like the jewel one could get in your face bit too much, and the MEOW one is a bit bright for everyday wear. If I did ever by one of these, I would probably have to invest in a cat free safe so that 1, no threads are pulled, and 2, I don’t ever lose (or wear) it.

designer high end fashion wishlist tatty devine quay eyeware funky bling asosJacket £184.50//Necklace £30.00//Sandals £55.00

Holographic Jacket – Do I need to explain? It’s metallic AND a biker, AND a leather jacket. It’s a tad pricey to splurge on, but it would be a good investment, non? Eleventh Paris always reminds me of The Hunger Games because I had a poster of the guy who acts as the fashion designer (you with me?) – Eeep! 2nd movie is out soon! YAY! – so yah.

Tatty Devine Necklace – First of all, do we like my editing skills? Putting ‘Tolly’ on the necklace? Yup. Secondly, how cute? I first saw this necklace on Olivia Purvis (What Olivia Did) – obviously not with Tolly on – and I just think they are really cool! I probably wouldn’t have my name, but I dunno’. Maybe?

Gladiator Sandals – I LOVE THESE SO SO MUCH. I’ve seen them loads, but I just want them. Like seriously, If I Could I DEFINITELY Would! They’re chunky, but simple, retro but cool. Ahhh, one can dream. These would be good in A/W too with nice tights and all, and amazing in Summer. Whyeeeee! Gah, I WILL have them one day. I WILL!

I know not all of these were ridiculously expensive, but it’s not always fun looking at things which are wayyy out of your price range. I mean, who here would spend £150 on a beanie? I hope you liked this post! If you want to see more things which are on my wishlist, check out my wishlist page here! I’m sorry I haven’t updated it recently, I will!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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TDP Wishlist*: John Lewis Home & Garden

By May 13, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Wishlist

I don’t usually do Lifestyle posts on here, but I thought I would change it up!  If I do re-decorate my room, I usually have a browse round John Lewis Home & Garden section, as it always seems to have some really cute things! So, I thought I would make a Wishlist!

john lewis home garden wishlistJohn Lewis Logan Flannelette Duvet Cover in Red From £30.00, Talking Tables Truly Scrumptious Straws £4.00, Talking Tables Pink ‘n’ Mix Paper Straws in Pink £4.00Pioneer Drinks Dispenser in Bright Opal £15.00, Wall’s Twister Plate £5.00 & Little Home Abbey Elephant Cushion £15.00 (All from John Lewis.)

Duvet Cover:If I ever re-design my room, I think I want to go for a more simple style because at the moment, let’s just say it’s a little bit… ‘busy’. I’m not really a red person, but I think the stripes make it a bit nicer. I also like the cream colour on it, because it makes it bit less harsh than white.
Straws: These are just too cute! Look! They’re paper, and stripey! I could imagine using these for a BBQ in summer, or just for a nice addition to the dinner table!
Drinks Dispenser: Living in the South of France, there is a LOT of wine around, and in the shops, you see wine held in dispensers, which I think is pretty cool! It’s practical, it also looks cool, and it’s just more fun! Now, I am not going to be drinking any wine, but I think it would be nice to keep fresh juice in or just to put water in! Fun, pratical and cute!
Twister Plate:I LOVE TWISTERS! I seriously LOVE them, so it is not surprise that this is on my Wishlist! I wouldn’t get all of them, as for £5 it is quite a lot, but for a cool present, I don’t think you can go wrong!
Cushion:Now, I am not a child (well I am, but you get the idea), so don’t think I love kiddy things, I don’t. BUT! This cushion is soooooo cute! It has an Elephant on it! And it’s pink.. and red! It maybe from Little Home at John Lewis, but I am still putting on my list!

So, whether you’re looking for BBQ skewers, or a cute throw for your new bedroom or perhaps some pretty cushion covers, you should definitely check out the John Lewis Home & Garden section! It’s pretty cool!

(This is a Sponsored Post on behalf of  John Lewis. You can read the full disclaimer here.)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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TDP Wishlist: 12 going on 13…

By April 30, 2013 Beauty, Fashion, Wishlist

Sadly on May 19th (*hint hint*) I will no longer be able to say I am a 12 year old fashion blogger! 🙁 I will just have to admit that I am 13, and about to become a grumpy old teenager. Poo. But that’s life, so I better just suck it up, and tell y’all what I want for my birthday in the form of a small rather large wishlist! (*hint hint*)

birthday wishlist asos bank ohh deer zara revlon Acid Waves Sweatshirt £28.00 (Ohh Deer), Spot Bardot Tunic £32.00 (Topshop), Mi-Pac Spot Print Backpack £22.00 (ASOS), Ethnic Flat Sandals £39.99 (ZARA), Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain £7.99 (Superdrug), Britney Spears Island Fantasy EDT 100ml £32.00 (Superdrug), Fragrance Mist in Coconut Passion (Victoria’s Secret) & Converse All Star Sandal £35.00 (BANK Fashion).

Sweatshirt: OMG. When I found Ohh Deer a few weeks ago, I fell in love with their stock! Just look at this sweatshirt! It’s got a UNICORN on it, and it’s PURPLE, and it’s just AWESOME. I generally wouldn’t pay £28.00 on something like this, but just look at it!
Spotty Dress: I have never owned anything from Topshop, but recently I have being loving their stuff. Again, I wouldn’t really spend this much on such a simple piece, but I really love the style and colour of this. It is simple yet I could wear it in so many different ways.
Backpack: Since seeing a really cute backpack on a fellow blogger, I have fallen in love with them! I just think that they are really easy to wear, and look super cute and preppy. Along with the dress, I LOVE the spotty detailing! Gorgeous!
Ethnic Sandals: I seriously love these shoes! I love the bright colours and the print details. I really shouldn’t get another pair of shoes, but I think these would be alright…
Balm Stain: After seeing the hype around these, I finally got to try one the other day. I thought I would like the pink colours, but this coral colour is stunning! It really popped against my skin tone, and I think it would be great for summer.
Perfume: ‘Why would she want a Britney Spears perfume?’ I hear you say. Well, I have the Circus Fantasy one, and it is soooo nice! I love how fresh it is, and the packaging is amazing! I’d love to try the other ones! I think you can get this cheaper in Wilko though!
VS Fragrance Mist: I have seen these a lot recently, and I really like the idea of a scented mist. They spray a lot more powerful than a perfume, and are much lighter. They are also really big, so I am sure I would get my money’s worth. Shame I can’t find them anywhere in the UK or France! (Please tell me if you know a place!)
Converse Sandals: I really like the idea of these. They’re sporty yet stylish, and perfect for summer. I was actually bidding on a pair on eBay, but as usual the price went up at the last minute!

There maybe another Wishlist coming your way soon, because I have been loving a lot recently! Oh, and if you want to buy me anything, my address is: Laca… 😉 Cheeky!

If you want to make my birthday wishes come true, please vote for me and my blog to WINBest Teen Blog‘ in the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards! Click HERE and either choose your favourite bloggers in the other categories, or click NEXT \until the 8th Tab, where you will find ‘‘ It would seriously make my dreams come true, and you even get a chance to win some New Look vouchers! So, Good Luck and Thank You!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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TDP’s March Wishlist: Walking Down Avenue 32*

By March 25, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion, My Style, Wishlist

Before the month ends I thought I’d share with you a few things that I have been really wanting this March! You can see February’s here! This is a designer Wishlist, and I obviously don’t have the budget for the products, but one can lust!

avenue32NO.21 Pink Lace Cotton Hawaii Tee £255.00, NO.21 Green Check Lace Shorts £315.00, Aperlai Yellow Flouro Python Gatsby Loafers £390.00, Michaela Buerger White Crochet Chiffon Jane Collar £340.00, Cutler and Gross Gold Oversized Tortoiseshell Sunglasses £340.00 & Rizzoli In Vogue £45.00 (Avenue 32).

Top: I am in LOVE with this top! It is really girly yet has that ‘surfer’ feel to it, which I think is going to be really big this summer. I think it would look great with a dip-hem maxi skirt, as well as a pair of shorts. Add a cute hat, and you’re set for a rockin’ summer!
Shorts: Again, I am so in love with these too! ‘City Shorts’ are going to be HUGE this S/S 13. The lace detailing gives them a more chic feel, and would look great not only with the Hawaii Tee, but also with a white blouse!
Loafers: These loafers are the cutest pair of loafers I have ever seen! I have never really liked the trend that much, but these have really caught my eye! They would look perfect with a Monochrome outfit or again with the top & shorts. The POP of neon, adds a casual and playful look to them.
Collar: The shorts have a lace detailing, so this would match them perfectly! It would make the outfit look really glamorous, but super casual. You could also wear it with a dip-hem LBD (Little Black Dress) and sandals, for a gorgeous seaside date!
Sunglasses: OMG. #WANT times 3 million. I need these in my life! After watching a YouTuber rock a similar pair, I have fallen in love with oversized round sunglasses. The zig zag detailing is super cool, and I have never seen anything like it!
Book: A must have for S/S has got to be a book! This book is great for any fashionista (like moi), who wants to sit back, relax and gaze at pretty pictures from Vogue… sounds like a good deal to me!

Avenue 32 have such awesome stuff, which I think all of you should go check out! Some of the stuff is so gorgeous, and if you’re thinking of spoiling yourself, you should go take a walk down Avenue 32! Enjoy!

(This is a * marked post. This is a sponsored post. None of the links above are affliate links, but I may have been gifted/payed to do the post before hand. I chose all the products myself, and I really do love them all!)

If you think that my blog is worthy of being shortlisted for the Best Teen Blog award, please nominate me in the Company Style Blogger Awards. Use the URL: Thank You.

Did you listen to me on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday? No? Don’t worry, you can still listen to it here. Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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The Nail Polish Rack: Mavala

By February 20, 2013 Beauty, Fashion, Wishlist

Halo! I thought I would start a new series (Yup, another one, which will probably never be finished!), and this one is going to be about Nail Polishes and the ones which look like the most beautiful ever creations on this earth. The first lot of polishes I am going to start with on ‘The Nail Polish Rack’, are the Mavala ones. I have used Mavala mainly for Nail Care, but have never used their polishes, so I took a look, and found some of the most delicious looking colours, ever. You’re going to love this…

mavalaThe Pastel Shades: Osaka £3.61, Blue Mint £3.61, The Perfect Shades: Cyclades Blue £3.61, Honolulu £3.61, Blue Curacao £3.61The Sparkle: Sparkling Blue £3.61 (Mavala at Beauty Bay).

Aren’t they all gorgeous?! And look at the price! I am so tempted to buy one, but I must not! Let’s start with ‘The Pastel Shades‘. I am not much of a nude/light colour nail person, but just recently I have had the craving for them! I really like this Osaka shade, I haven’t got the Essie colour which is similar to this because it is like 2 times the price, so I may have to invest in this. As I said I have had a recent craving for light colours, like Blues & Mint Greens, I think this is probably because I know Spring is coming! (We’ve had 3 clear blue skies, 3 days running!) This Blue Mint shade is almost like Duck Egg, and I think it would look really nice with someone who has a tan, as it would compliment their skin tone. I received my £6 ASOS Midi Skirt  – post coming soon – in a similar shade to this today, so I think this would match perfectly!
Next are ‘The Perfect Shades’, by perfect I mean, literally perfect. If you look up at the sky, it is usually a perfect blue, and this first colour is exactly that. I think if you used a nice Matte Top Coat, it would look so nice, and you could wear really nice rings with it! Don’t get me started! This Honolulu shade is also perfect, and is just that sort of Pink, that anyone could wear! I also really like the name too! Again, Blue Curacao, is such a lovely shade, that I am sure anyone could wear, I love colours which are a mix between Blue & Green 🙂
The final colour is ‘The Sparkle’. This shade – Sparkling Blue – is so pretty! Unfortunately this is a top coat, but in some ways that is even better, because you could create a really nice Ombre effect with this. Just a gentle touch to glam up any nail colour!

I hope you liked the beginning of this series, and that I didn’t bore you too much! Make sure to remind me to do the 2nd post, because I am certain to forget! Also, watch out for some more Nail Art & Reviews because I have ordered a nice Practice Nail Ring off of eBay which should make the posts look a bit more crisp!

What’s your favourite shade from above? Have you got any of these colours? What polishes are you craving at the moment? Make sure to tell me in a comment below!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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TDP’s February Wishlist: I think Spring is coming…

By February 11, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, My Style, Wishlist

I haven’t put anything on My Wishlist for yonks! I’ll tell you why, it’s because I really haven’t been loving the highstreet! This is very bad. I usually love everything they have, but right now I just think that they aren’t doing great! But! I have a solution…. H&M! I don’t think I have shopped at H&M for about…. 2 Years?! No joke! After being told I need to look for some summer clothes, I got stuck on where to look. Then the two letters popped into my mind, and I am going to show you the 3 amazing finds! Plus a book which I am dying to get my hands on!

febwishlistDress in Mint Green £7.99, Shorts in Pink £9.99 & Basketball Shoes in Mint Green £7.99 (H&M) & Geek Girl £5.24 (Amazon).

After finding these bargains, I am now in love with Mint Green, and I am sooo ready for Spring & Summer! I seriously, NEED & WANT these converse style shoes. I have some old sparkly ones, but my feet have grown 🙁 I also think that shorts will go with both the shoes, and the dress, as if the dress is short, I can always pop them underneath! I will probably wear a floral blazer with the dress too, to add a preppy look 🙂 Hopefully when Papa Posh (Do you like that? I think I may stick with that!) goes over to the UK, he can buy the H&M stuff, as the french H&M site doesn’t have them on there, and you can’t buy anything on it anyway! I am also really looking forward to the release of Geek Girl, which I will hopefully get for my birthday! 😉 *hint hint*

What do you want this February? Is it your birthday soon? Tell me in the comments below! Also, if you want any specific posts done, do let me know! Or, if you want an extra speedy response, Tweet Me!

ADVERTISE: Have your blog in my side bar, from £1! Just fill in the form here, and I will take a look at your blog!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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TDP Wishlist: Korres Limited Edition Get Figgy Set

By January 9, 2013 Wishlist

Korres Get Figgy Set £11.00

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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TDP Wishlist: Voodoo Girl Denim Jacket

By January 8, 2013 Wishlist

Picture 2

Voodoo Girl Dip Dye Denim Jacket £98.00

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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TDP’s Wishlist: House of Holland

By January 5, 2013 Fashion, Wishlist

OMG. I saw this on Twitter, and I am loving it. Please, can someone just send it to me in the post? Late Christmas Present…?! Yeah?! Oh, sorry, didn’t realise you didn’t give £130 dresses to strangers… 🙁

House of Holland Pom Spot Print Tee Dress £130.00

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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