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Monthly Obsessions: HONY, Love Hearts & Shrimps

By March 3, 2014 General

No don’t worry I’m not already doing my March Monthly Obsessions! I’m showing you my February ones because my blog schedule was so busy this past month so I have to do it now, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t really a problem! I hope you enjoy!

monthly obsessions humans of new york love heart sweets shrimps faux fur

HONY – Humans of New York: Recently I discovered the amazing Facebook page which is HONY. There is something quite magical about seeing a person’s face in your Timeline and learning about their story. Sometimes the stories are sad, and sometimes they are inspiring but whatever the story is, each one puts a smile on my face. It’s amazing how many stories we do pass each day and not knowing whether they might be in the same boat as you are, or a completely separate one. Another thing I love about HONY is the ‘Today in Micro-fashion’ section, which features pictures of small toddlers in their amazing clothes just like the ones above. Honestly the best decision of following or liking someone, you will make! Check out HONY here.

monthly obsessions humans of new york love heart sweets shrimps faux fur

Tumblr Inspirations: I thought I would make this a permanent feature of my Monthly Obsession posts and just show you what I have been re-blogging recently! I love inspirational quotes or sarcastic images of Harry Styles (I’m NOT a 1D fan or a fan of him, just to clear that up…), and I have a new found love for Dan Smith’s face. I also love pastel blue hair as well dreaming of making a Polly Pocket necklace sometime in the hopefully near future. I had a bit of a non-Tumblring gap after the New Year but I think I have rekindled my obsession for it again. Check out my Tumblr here or click the link in the sidebar. 

monthly obsessions humans of new york love heart sweets shrimps faux fur

Love ‘Conversation’ Heart Sweets: Before Valentine’s Day (which I do not give a poop about – no that is not my ‘I have no boyfriend’ whimperalthough that fact is 100% true… blimey, give a 13 year old a break) I had a bit of a Eureka moment, of the DIY kind, which involved the amazingly delicious fizzy sweets called Love Hearts or ‘Conversation’ Hearts for you American people. I won’t tell you what it is because I am still waiting for ‘part’ of it to be delivered, but you will soon find out. Keep your eyes peeled… actually don’t do that because then sadly you would be blind and since I was recently reading a book with a blind person in it, I’m sure that wouldn’t be too nice… ‘OMG. Tolly you were not reading The Fault In Our Stars were you?!’… ‘Yes, and I didn’t actually find it that great!’

monthly obsessions humans of new york love heart sweets shrimps faux fur

Shrimps: I believe that recently there has been a boom in the coloured faux fur section of the world and I’m happy. I’m especially happy because I discovered Shrimps and I am in love. Their designs are so simple, yet I would absolutely LOVE to have every single piece that they have because they are all so colourful and soft and furry and *Ooooh*. I love their Look Book too. It’s very retro and vintage and I like that kinda’ thing. *Puts all of their pieces onto mental wishlist* Check out Shrimps here.

monthly obsessions humans of new york love heart sweets shrimps faux fur

Tie Dye Eyes Photoshoot: Wasn’t quite sure what to call this but I settled with a simple caption. Allie (from Tie Dye Eyes) modelled for a photoshoot by Rachel, and I absolutely love the pictures! The feathers are just a beautiful border, and they look really professional. There’s another picture where you can see Allie’s eyes so clearly and they are incredible! One is green and one is blue… pretty cool. Check out Allie’s blog here and Rachel’s portfolio here

I hope you liked this blog post! If you did make sure to leave a comment down below telling me some of your monthly obsessions! 😀

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Neon, Neon And More Neon

By February 20, 2014 General

Hello! Well I hope you are enjoying your week! Today I have another My Style blog post! Papa Posh is still getting the hang of my new lens but it seems to be going well so far! There’s also a sneaky book review in this one, so if you like to read then this is the place to be! Enjoy me’ harties…

my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blog my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blog my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogWhat I Wore: White & Orange Blouse with Drop Waist £11.00 (ASOS), Navy LOVE Jumper £12.00 (Peacocks)*, ‘Mom’ Jeans (Jumble Sale), Nike TR Fit 3.0 (JD Sports)* & Zebra Double Finger Ring £5.00 (Rings & Tings)*

This outfit is quickly becoming one of my favourites at the moment. It’s so comfortable, yet it has that little bit of something that makes it ‘chic’. I picked up the drop waist blouse in the ASOS sale (seriously, I picked up a great bargain), and as soon as I slipped it on, it was true love. It’s that sort of piece that can really do anything, whether it’s in the summer, or in the cold month of February. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous and cute with my lovely (I mean lovely) Peacocks jumper over the top. It’s that perfect mix of geek and chic. Seeing as it is still pretty nippy (well, not quite the 8 degrees of the UK… oh sorry did I boast a bit then? 😉 ), I have to pair it with my ‘mom’ jeans, which isn’t a problem really because I simply love them. Don’t forget my Nike trainers of course, one of my favourite pairs of shoes, EVER.

my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blog my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogmy style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogOMG. I broke the blogger rule of not putting your hands on your hips. I’m just terrible aren’t I? TERRIBLE (Sorry, I love a bit of sarcasm…). On fashion sides of things though, LOOK AT MY RING. ISN’T IT AWESOME?! IT’S A ZEBRA. I have no idea why but I like to think it’s an Australian Zebra. It just sounds good in an Australian accent. Hmm. I will be showing a few other pieces I got from Rings & Tings shortly, so watch out for that! Also on the jewellery front, I have exciting news… my parents have said that next time I go to the UK I can have my ears pierced. FINALLY. They always said that I have to wait until I’m about 14, but to be fair, being home schooled and all, does it really matter when?! YOLO as they say. YO to the LO. Having said that I now have to prepare myself. I’m going to be putting holes into my lobes. HAHAHA, sorry but that just sounds so weird.

my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogWhat I Read: The Taming Of The Tights (Louise Rennison)*

I quite recently finished this book by the amazing Louise Rennison (the writer of Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging), and I thought I would tell you about it! It’s the last in the ‘Misadventures of Tallulah Casey’ series, and although I hadn’t read the previous, it is quite funny either way. It’s very relatable to all young teen girls out there, with Tallulah running into all sorts of boy and school troubles. She’s torn between this wild guy, Cain, and the nice chap, Charlie, and she takes us on her adventure. 1 of my favourite things about the book is Matilda (one of the character’s dog), because every time she does something, it made me giggle. I must say that the book gets better towards the end of the book which is annoying, but if you are looking for a chilled out, relaxing book (something you’d take on holiday), then I would definitely recommend this one!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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SS/14 Trends: Paint Strokes & Splatters

By January 30, 2014 General

Hi. Hey. Bonjour. Howdy! – Me trying to decide how to start these blog posts. I currently have chicken pox (yipee!) so this is just a short post as I really don’t have the energy so today I am going to be sharing a short run through of one of the SS/14 Trends with you, and before you ask, no, I did not get this idea from The Carrie Diaries. (Images from Dazed, Pinterest & Relevant stores.)

ss/14 trends paint splatters and strokes asos chanel ss14Chanel SS14 – One of the first places I saw the paint stroke idea for SS/14, was in the Chanel collection. It’s really simple, yet comes across really intriguing. My favourite look is the 2 piece with the collared crop top! I love how the colours are bright, yet they look so minimalistic and not too over powering. I love how they’ve made the looks look like (ooh, alliteration) they are casual, when of course they could be dressed up.

ss/14 trends paint splatters and strokes asos chanel ss14High Street Picks – Long Sleeve Top//Paint Stroke Clutch//Monochrome Washbag//Shoes//Dress//Blouse//Handbag

I think we can all definitely see that the paint stroke and splatter trend is slowly creeping into the shops. One of my favourite things about this trend is the fact that there are so many different ways of doing it. For example, there is the splatter, the stripes, the splodge and the watercolour. They are all so different and are suitable for every body. I think my favourite pieces are the long sleeve top and shoes from ASOS. The top is really simple and chic, and the shoes are bright and funky; a really nice contrast under one roof of a trend! Dah dah! I don’t personally own much paint stroke inspired pieces *cough* except my DIY Carrie handbag *cough* blog post coming soon *cough*, but when I go shopping very soon, I am sure something will crop up with something paint inspired! 

What trend are you looking forward to rocking in SS/14? Let me know in the comments below! 😀

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Christmas Wishlist: Holographic, Fabric & Cats

By November 27, 2013 General

Hello! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I just haven’t been in the right mood…? Anyhoo, following on from my Budget Christmas Shopping Guide, I thought I would do a Wishlist. Now, just so you know, I do not expect all or even any of these things. They are just a few things which I would ask Santa for, if he was real. Fabulous, now I have the pressure and stress of hoping that nobody just found out that Santa wasn’t real… owww. 

christmas wishlist asos sheinside furby holographic fashion ark(Sorry, I added the Furby at the last minute so 11, is just hanging’ with the under 10s)

1: SheInside Crazy Cat Sweatshirt – There are 2 reasons I want this… 1, being the fact that it has a cat on it, and 2, it reminds me of something I read the other day. Basically I gave Paloma Posh (my cat) a tiny crumb of chocolate cake and my eldest brother said ‘Don’t give her chocolate’ so I looked it up, and well, you can read this for yourself. It’s not the nicest, but at the time I found it hilarious, and I believe this jumper sort of sums it up! (I believe I now sound extremely weird and slightly sad…)

2: UNIF Biker Jacket – A thing of beauty. It is just gorgeous. It has white sleeves, and a holographic torso, with chunky white buckles, what more could you want? I could just imagine me opening it up now… *imagines herself floating on a candy floss cloud cradling the jacket like a baby* (Okay, now I sound very weird)

3 & 4 & 6: ASOS Holographic Flats, ARK Boots & Motel Bag – Take classic school style flats, add a white sole and shiny silver. Yup, basically my idea of a perfect shoe. I feel like if I get a pair of holographic shoes, my wardrobe would be complete. I could start to wear ‘my’ kind of outfits because ‘my’ kind of shoes would be in my collection. I’m sorry there is so much holographic in this post  9+858.21.;’, How rude, I am being interrupted by my brother who is attacking the keyboard  but I just love it! The boots are just perfect because when you don’t want to wear an ordinary pair of flats, you can wear a Dr Marten style boot. Perfection, plus they aren’t even that expensive! Oh, and the holographic bag as well, yeah. Wouldn’t mind some holographic paint too, so I can just paint my whole entire life all shiny and iridescent…

5: Moooh Cloud Print Jacket – Do I really need to explain? I thought not… oh okay then, well basically it has clouds on it, sooo…?

7: Nikon 35mm 1.8 Lens – Ever since I read this post on Wish Wish Wish, I have never stopped obsessing over the fact that I am living without such a thing. I thought the lens I had was good, but oh boy, this one has 1.8 aperture and that’s just like… mental.

8: Lipstik Lillian Shoes – I love these! I’ve always been a fan of the chunky white shoe, but when I saw this particular pair, I fell in love. Unfortunately I believe they are only available in Australia, so if anyone can find me a European pair, then do let me know! 😉

christmas wishlist asos sheinside furby holographic fashion ark

9 & 10: Gracie Girl & Mon Amie Fabrics – I’ve recently, been really wanting to start making my own dresses. Unfortunately France don’t have the best supply of fabrics (well, where I live anyway), and even when I find some, they are extortionately priced, so when I found Bloomerie Fabrics, I knew I had to add these fabrics to my Wishlist! Imagine making a smock dress in the fabrics on the right (10)? Gorgeous.

11: Furby Boom ‘Cube’ – I know, slightly random, but that Argos advert is really making me want one! My sister used to have one and apparently it started driving the family insane, but hopefully there has been an improvement! The new ones mean you can hatch baby Furbies on your iPad/iPhone, and do all the usual stuff. I know it really is a bit weird, but I seriously want one! I want to make it be like… my minion.

So there we have it! I don’t really want much this year, I must be getting older *sigh*… Although, I do really want some ASOS vouchers and a Saxophone, so if you do want to send me anything here is my address: JUST KIDDING. 😉

What do you want for Christmas?! Let me know by leaving a comment…

**Make sure you check out Let’s See! A gorgeous photography blog which I absolutely love!**This is a sponsored link.

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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The Collective Boutique: Mini Design Collection*

By October 8, 2013 General

I have sort of kept my promise of doing more designs… because, here is another lot! This collection is a little different though, because they are all based around one of my favourite necklaces from the online jewellery boutique, The Collective… (May I also say a big thank you to everyone who left such lovely lovely comments on my Ultimate Guide to Being a Teen, it was so nice to see you what you thought of it! Thank You!)

the collective boutique rosita bonita

Leather Bird Necklace by Rosita Bonita (The Collective Boutique)
I have based the collection, on this gorgeous necklace by illustrator and jewellery maker, Rosita Bonita. I am absolutely in love with some of her illustrations (see them here), they seriously are really nice! The illustrations are screen printed onto leather which makes the necklace even more special. I think it would be perfect for a gift or a little treat for yourself. It’s gorgeous! 

the collective boutique rosita bonitaOmbre Top & Pale Blue High Waisted Jeans (left) and Stripey Jacket, Black Cami & Pink Pleated Dress (right): For the ombre grey top, I would make it a silk material. I think it would really compliment the metallic tones in the necklace. The sleeves would be rolled up because I think the style is really flattering on most people. The pale blue denim high waisted jeans, would be a perfect pastel colour, which really compliments the grey from the top, and again the colours in the necklace. For the jacket (right), I would make it a jersey material so it was more for casual wear, with the blue stripes being a similar colour to the jeans on the left. I would pair it with a floaty cami which seem to be very ‘in’ at the moment (not saying that you should wear everything that is on trend, I just like the style…). The pleated skirt would be in a nice floaty material, in a nice sort of ‘sorbet smoothie’ pink colour. I really like these two looks and the colours are just perfect – If I do say so myself.. haha!

the collective boutique rosita bonitaCream Dress with Lace Sleeves (left) and Monochrome Playsuit with Mesh detailing and a White Envelope Collar (right): For the dress, I think it would be a good piece to dress up or dress down. I would make the sleeves with a sort of lace, laser cut detailing. The shape of the dress would be a simple shift dress, so that accessories, or the necklace in this case, can do the talking. The playsuit, again is very simple, so it can be ‘glammed’ up or worn casually. I’ve made a twist on the sort of ‘corset’ style detailing, and instead, made it a mesh detailing… cheeky 😉 Haha! The colour isn’t quite black, but isn’t quite grey, it’s almost a grey/black/brown which means it’s less obvious, and the necklace can really pop on top of it. These 2 looks are really versatile too, which means you could wear the necklace how ever you like.

Music for the Catwalk?: I Can’t Stand The Rain – Ann Peebles
Outside or Inside Catwalk?: Outside – natural birds tweeting to match the bird design!

I really enjoyed doing this little collection, and has made me fall in love with this necklace even more! It’s so simple, yet makes a really nice statement. Make sure to check out the other pieces on The Collective Boutique site, some of it is gorgeous!

Quick side note – I’m an AUNTY! My little Nephew was born on Sunday morning, and he is just absolutely gorgeous and perfect in every single way! Eeeep! 😀

(This collection was sponsored by The Collective Boutique. I may have been paid or gifted to produce and publish this post, but all opinions are 100% honest. Designs by me and thought up by me! Read my full disclaimer here.) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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A Fresh New Start & A Give-Away!

By August 13, 2013 General

Well hello there, how are you? It’s been a whole 2 weeks since I sat down and wrote a blog post for you guys, and I have missed it. This post will explain the slight changes you may have noticed, exactly why I was away for ‘so long’ and, of course, a cheeky little give-away thrown in too 😉

PicMonkey CollageDSC_0288 DSC_0004

Most of you probably won’t know, but my now, old, banner has been on this blog since the very day it began. That was when I was 11 years ‘young’, and I am now 13. I may not be completely different, but I definitely feel like I have changed in my style, so I felt it was the right time to change a few things around here. I had to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new, and I quite like this 2nd chapter so far. It’s still bright and fun, but it’s a bit more laid back and simple than before. Of course I had to keep the TDP headband in there, because that is part of me. The outfit with the headband is actually quite special because it includes 2 things which have been a big part of my blogging story, which are my ASOS jacket and my blue sunglasses. Sounds a bit random, but I wore the jacket to the #stylebloggerawards and it was also my 13th birthday treat, and the sunglasses were from the awards themselves so they have a nice memory with them.

Some of you may not like the new banner, but I do. I feel like it portrays me now more than my last one, and I think it will be a nice fresh way to start the new upcoming season. I definitely couldn’t have kept my old one for much longer, because I’m 13… things will change… #awkward… Also, the content of my blog is going to change slightly, i.e there is going to be way more designs, and fashion trends, more inspo posts, and fashion-y things. I hope you will enjoy it!

Moving on to the reason I was away; If you have seen on my Instagram, you may already know, but for those of you don’t then, here you go… this October, I won’t just be a sister, a daughter, granddaughter or niece, I will become an aunty and a godmother. I am extremely excited about the new addition to the family, and I felt it would be weird to keep such a big thing from you. My family were all over in the south of France these past weeks, soaking up the sun, and enjoying each others company, and I loved it!

Now to the give-away!  I’m sorry this post is so long, I needed to update you all!
So, I haven’t done a give-away in like… ages. The reason is because I was waiting for the right time, and I think it’s probably the perfect time now! This give-away is a thank you to all of my loyal followers who spur me on in reaching my dream. It’s not a fancy prize, unfortunately, but it’s just a few small things which I hope you will enjoy.

DSC_0400 DSC_0394Prizes: 1 x The September Issue DVD (Rating: 12), 1 x Illustrated Portrait by myself, 1 x Black Lace Eye Rock, 1 x Pair of Purple Daisy Earrings, 1 x Ad Space for your blog/site (Non-blogger alternative: Write a blog post for Tolly!)

The winner was … Laura Jarvis

That is it! Good Luck everyone! Thanks for sticking with me these past 2 weeks! I look forward to blogging again! I really do ‘love’ the support you guys give to me, it is so helpful, and you are da’ bestest. *virtual hug* Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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S/S 13 Trend: Smarty Pants

By April 11, 2013 General

Hello! I am so glad I am posting this post now! I was thinking of posting it ages ago, but thought I’d wait until it warmed up, and it I think it may have started! (Hopefully, I haven’t gone and jinxed it now!) It’s been about 17 degrees here today, and by Thursday it’s meant to be 23… *fingers crossed*

smartshortsContrast Heart Pocket Shorts £30.00 (Topshop), Crochet Side Panel Shorts £32.00 (Topshop), Side Stripe Short £15.00 (Oasis) & Cotton Bermuda Shorts £8.99 (Mango).

I LOVE these shorts. My favourite pair has got to be the Crochet Panel ones, they are so gorgeous! I think there is also a matching top as well, so you could look even more amazing! I think the idea of mixing the sort of ‘tom-boy’ look with a feminine twist is great. As the shorts are also smart, it means when it does become warmer, you could wear them for more formal occasions, like going to work etc. I really do like them!

smartshorts2 Crochet Side Panel Shorts £32.00 (Topshop), Mid Wash Chelsea Girl Denim Patchwork Shirt £30.00 (River Island), Black and White Geometric Print Boxy Blazer £35.00 (River Island), Opaque Stone Bib Necklace £35.00 (ASOS) & LEAH Ballet Flats £35.00 (ASOS).

#WANT. I would literally squeal like a baboon (Do baboons squeal?!) if I owned this outfit. Lets start with the blouse. It is literally, a less OTT, Mary K design of the denim world. It is amazing, I. Love. It. Throw on this amazing Geo Print blazer which would work so well as a cover up in summer as well (Red bikini, with silver jewellery…! *clicky thumbs*). River Island are really making me feel like I need to be in their stores 24/7, well, actually no, I would if they were to get rid of the Rihanna collection, but that’s another story… This ASOS Necklace is also a great purchase, you could of course go for the Primark alternative, which I expect is a heck of a lot cheaper, but if you live in a different country (like moi), then I guess you’ll just have to stick with it! I also love these ballet flats, which would look great with a lace skirt, but also look awesome with this outfit too.

Will you be rocking this trend? Do you like this trend? Make sure to tell me in the comments below!

How awesome is this new trend? I know I’ll be rocking it! I have a pair of blue shots which I think will look great with a frilly blouse… hm….! OOTD Post* haha.

An exciting thing is happening in June & July… more info will be released soon!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Labels Are Just Labels, Right?

By February 2, 2013 General

I was stumbling around, and came across a blogger who was talking about the pair of Kurt Geiger shoes she got recently for £19, (just like my sister!), and it got me thinking. I know I have done quite a few ‘bargain’ related things recently, but this is kind of different, I ‘tink’.

I was reading that blog post and it linked to the site that they got the shoes from, it was ‘Shoeaholics‘, and it has pretty good, cheap, designer things on there, from £4 Kurt Geiger Belts to £70 Shoes. I dribbled over a few pairs and a few cute clutch bags (like this one), but then I just thought, ‘It’s only because it’s Kurt Geiger that I like it, really.’. Then, I thought well, is it? (I am really sure you don’t want to know my whole train of thoughts!) Quite recently, I have had a little bit of cash in my ‘online purse’, which meant that *fingers crossed*, I will be able to go on a little online haul very soon, so I started thinking what I would spend it on. I don’t have £70+ to by my (long awaited) pair of Dr Martens, and I sure don’t have that £200+ for that nice new camera, so it would be little things, but would I prefer a nice designer label wallet, or a bunch of gorgeous ASOS goodies, with FREE delivery?


KG Savannah Stud £19.00 (Shoeaholics) vs Horse Detail Purse £9.00, Cath Kidston Blossom Luxury Travel Kit £4.50 & Korres Limited Edition Mini Shower Trio £5.50 (All from ASOS).

Now you can see what I mean. £19 for one thing which is labelled ‘Kurt Geiger, I used to be £60’ or 4 items which come to the same price? So, I asked a few of you on Twitter, Facebook & Thumb, and you said…

Picture 1Picture 3 Picture 2 Picture 4Picture 6Picture 7

@Joelle_O – Feb Girl, @LovelyBBlogger – Lovely Michelle-y, @ShotOfBeauty – Shot Of Beauty, @TeenAwake – Teen Awake, @Miss_Helen – Coco Mama Style & @Spreaditfast – Spread It Fast.

photo84% = ASOS. Votes are still coming in though!

Picture 8Orla T-D – The Cool Customer

All these answers are really interesting, because some of us would just go straight to the Kurt Geiger Bag, but others would go for getting more for the same price. So, are we ‘Label Lovers’ or ‘Greedy Geiger Avoiders’? Here’s my final, and complete answer: Labels are deceiving, many people will say that the label is all that matters, that if you have a designer label in your hands, you’ve got the biggest and the best. But, you don’t. Yes, I would love to have that bag, but I would also love a bulky box of orders from ASOS, which to be honest is going to be better. With the KG bag, you can wear it with outfits. With the ASOS Items, you can wear them with outfits, cleanse and relax with them, and smell great. Yes, it’s a great bargain, but you could get a £4 version in Primark (probably). I think what everyone needs to realise is that, you need to spend wisely. Open up your horisons to a whole new level. Don’t go and buy that designer bag straight away, add it to your basket first, because I am telling you now, I am sure you’re going to regret buying it when you see 3 things which are way better, for the exact same price as that 1 thing you purchased.

Did you find this interesting? Which one would you pick? Do you prefer designer labels or do you like getting the most out of what you’ve got?

I hope you understood this post, and it had some meaning to it! I just felt like it would be a good discussion point!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Fashion Designers A-Z: Adrian Adolph Greenberg

By January 16, 2013 General

Bonjour! Hello! Ciao! I wanted to start a series for all us fashionistas who want to know more and want to know who they should know about etc. The series will just be short and sweet, just like this one…


Adrian Adolph Greenberg was born in 1903 and attended New York School for Fine & Applied Arts (Now Parsons School of Design), he moved to Hollywood in 1925 where he followed Cecil B. De Mille to MGM, and stayed there until 1941 when he opened his own design studio. He worked on other 250 films whilst at MGM. His film credits were seen as ‘Gowns by Adrian’.

He created Joan Crawford’s Shoulder Padded Power Suit which became a Fashion trend! He also created Jean Harlow’s gowns, and also designed the Ruby Slippers in The Wizard of Oz…

(Another amazing design) He was actually gay but, he still married a woman, to protect his career, and was married to her (Janet Gaynor) until the day he died. When he died he was buried in Hollywood, where Cecil B. De Mille was also buried.

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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How To Look Good This Winter

By January 15, 2013 General

I saw on a site they had done a sort of Do’s & Don’ts for this Winter, so I thought I would do my own version, as the snow is coming!! (In the UK!)

winter1Paul’s Boutique Wellies £35.00 & UGG Stoneman Boots £155.00 (Both from ASOS)

Wellies will make your feet feel cold when they’re just being used for normal use! Plus, you’re going to look a little odd out and about in Wellies for no reason! Uggs, don’t support your feet, they maybe comfy, but they don’t do any good! Also, they kind of break the bank!

winter2Knitted Loop Stitch Jumper £42.00 & Knitted Colour Block Grunge Jumper £36.00 (Both from Topshop)

Sweaters are so in trend! I don’t think they have ever been so big! My favourite style are the slightly baggier ones, which look really cute with trousers and boots!

winter3Shea Butter Date Bouqet Hand Cream £8.00, Fresh Face Water £14.00 & Ultra Rich Conditioner £14.00 (All from L’Occitane)

I love L’Occitane! I tried the Date Hand Cream when my sister had it from a magazine, and it smells amazing! It doesn’t leave your hands greasy, and it is just a brilliant product! I probably will be asking for either the Hand Cream or Face Water for my birthday!

winter4Paddywax Ecogreen Pomegranate & Currant Scented Candle £15.00 (John Lewis)

winter5 Navy Quilt Belted Jacket £55.00 & Purple Basket Weave Beanie Hat £13.00 (Both from River Island)

Anything which is Quilted, you know will keep you warm! This coat from River Island is really smart as well. Beanies are amazing as well. I love them! They create a cute and preppy look, and also keep your ears nice and toasty! Another alternative, is a beret!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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