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Some blog posts I wrote all related to LFW! Take a peep at my favourite collections from past seasons…

London Fashion Week SS15 Review

By September 18, 2014 London Fashion Blog Week

London Fashion Week SS15 Review

And so we have come to one of the most important blog posts… The London Fashion Week SS15 review, hooray, hooray! I have tried to be a bit more ‘journalist-y’ this time around, and try to think of what the designer was portraying. I read a piece in the Elle Collections A/W issue and it really inspired me, so I hope this is an interesting read instead of ‘I like this and I don’t like this’. (Images via

Ashish London Fashion Week SS15 Review

RATING: 8.5/10

Ashish always WOWs me… it’s always so fun and interesting and always has a story to tell. This time around the sequins were made into snake skin prints, back to front jeans and little black dresses. For me the collection was like a disco ball meeting a girls slumber party… sparkle with a splash of faux fur and almost pyjama like silhouettes. I loved the show music too, it was probably the best soundtrack of all the shows I watched. All round amazing-ness from this wonderful designer once again. I need those dungarees and Hi Haters top… yes, pur-lease!

Bora Aksu London Fashion Week SS15 Review

RATING: 7.5/10

The collection for SS15’ was based upon fairy tales and the deeper, darker sides. I can definitely see what Aksu is trying to achieve with the dress shapes and silhouettes. The mix of beautiful airy fabrics and the sharper structures portrays this well in my opinion. The overlapping details are the perfect touch also. It’s another stunning collection! Love, love, love.

Burberry London Fashion Week SS15 Review

Burberry London Fashion Week SS15 Review

RATING: 9/10

I love it when designers really set the scene of a collection. You get to understand what you’re actually seeing and Burberry certainly did that. First of all the catwalk was amazing with it’s beautifully coloured illustrations featuring insects and flowers. The countryside and spring time had a strong influence on all the designs. Elements of tulle, denim and feathers were incorporated and it worked wonderfully. The dresses were feminine and sexy in a really subtle way which I adored. I wasn’t too fond on the slogan prints though…

Christopher Raeburn London Fashion Week SS15 Review

RATING: 7/10

After watching Susie Bubble Backstage at LFW on BBC iPlayer (I really recommend watching, it’s only 17 mins long!), I was introduced to Christopher Raeburn. I know a lot of bloggers have attended his shows so I’d only really heard of him on Twitter, but I am now obsessed. He seems so cool in person anyway, but his collections are all sustainable and stylish… it’s amazing! In this collection some of the pieces are made from old parachutes in the original colours (PINK!) and some are made from fighter pilot thingy mabobbies (I can’t remember what they are called… well done Tolly!). I love it, the textures, the colours. It’s spot on. Hooray, a collection I love!

Fyodor Golan London Fashion Week SS15 Review

Fyodor Golan London Fashion Week SS15 Review

RATING: 8/10

One of the more striking and colourful collections for next summer has got to be this. The vibrant colours, textures and patterns all flow into each other in the most perfect way. The digital vibes definitely come through, especially with the use of stripes and holographic materials. I’m obsessed with it and I would happily own the whole collection. I would definitely say that patent elements and applique will be a big hit next year.

Holly Fulton London Fashion Week SS15 Review

RATING: 7/10

As soon as the first model hit the runway you knew it was Fulton’s work, which I think is stopping me from loving her that much… she stays safe every season… I’m not saying I didn’t like the collection, because I did! The use of modern textures and styles with classic and more retro pieces was perfect.. I especially like the patent bandeaus. I don’t really have much more to say… what do you think of it?

house of holland London Fashion Week SS15 Review

RATING: 7/10

I have to be honest live stream probably made this collection look a lot worse than it is. I’m going to have to say it that’s it not my favourite collection from Mr Holland, but I do really like it’s vibe, looking at it more closely. Embellished applique flowers, physadelic 70s/60s inspired pieces, holographic skirts, bold yellows and oranges… it’s a lovely mixture. In fact I’m really looking forward to seeing these kinds of styles pop up during 2015… I’m just still not 100% sure that Holland excuted it perfectly… and erm, I think some of the models need some training in walking in heels… yikes!

Mary Katrantzou London Fashion Week SS15 Review

RATING: 7/10

Change is sometimes for the better but I am still on the fence with Mary’s change from patterns and prints to texture… I would say the collection tells more of a story compared to her previous ones and for me that’s a big improvement. The sharp difference between the greys and more dull (sorry…) pieces and the more intricate and mermaid pieces really encaptured the vision. I’m not going to say I loved it, but I liked it for sure.

SIBLING London Fashion Week SS15 Review

RATING: 8/10

This collection for me was an interesting one. I loved it in many ways and in many ways it just wasn’t my taste. It was meant to portray being young, happy and free and I totally see this especially with the striking colours and patterns. I love the use of blue check though, it looks so classic yet in a modern way. Sequins and big puffy tutu skirts… they’re always a winner!

Tom Ford London Fashion Week SS15 Review

RATING: 6/10

Well.. well. I definitely see a trend coming for next summer and it’s not summery at all… dark colours, wintery styles in the form of jackets and two pieces. It really is a very strong contrast to what SS is usually about. The collection inspired by the sixties, with classic remakes of designs from the past. For me it was definitely made for A-Listers and posh soirees… the theme was strong and I liked the whole aesthetic but I really hope that colour is still ‘in’!

Topshop Unique London Fashion Week SS15 Review

RATING: 8/10

Ahh blimming heck Topshop, you’ve done it again. The thing I love about the show is that it’s always got that chic designer element (the ‘Unique’ part) but then it’s still true to Topshop’s accessible name so it’s wearable too. I can’t quite put my thumb on it though… is it a modern sporty vibe or is it a retro sporty vibe? I think it could be both and that’s awesome to see. The second half was beautiful too, with more tulle (definitely in for SS15… yay!) and of course Cara made everything more amazing. She’s perfect… sassy, stylish and blimming gorgeous.

Well it is fair to say that it hasn’t been my most favourite LFW… the collections just weren’t my taste… bring back colour! What did you think? Let me know your favourite collections and designers I should be looking out for in the comments! I’d love to know! I suppose I will see you next season… (…or in 2 days with another London Fashion Blog Week post!)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Why Should Bloggers Go To Fashion Week?

By September 16, 2014 London Fashion Blog Week

Why should bloggers go to fashion week

Sadly we have reached the end of LFW… not London Fashion Blog Week though, oh no, there are still a few more posts to be read, but the last scheduled show was at 5 o’clock and I’m feeling kind of sad about it. I decided being a blogger, I had to touch upon the whole ‘should bloggers go to Fashion Week’ topic during these series of posts. I have a little helper too, I asked Lela from Lela London a few questions which was quite interesting, so thanks Lela!

Just to clear it up, Fashion Week is an ‘industry event’ which I believe is a vital bit of information for this controversial subject. Fashion Week was created so that designers could showcase their work to members of the press, buyers and celebrities etc. It’s a way for designers to get their collections seen by important and respected people. The event is also a way of celebrating fashion, culture and design from artists based in the set city. We mainly focus on the bigger cities and capitals like New York, London, Milan and Paris, but you have to remember there are smaller, perhaps more local events held all around the world.

The first New York Fashion Week, or ‘NYFW’, was held in 1943. I put this in bold because again I believe this is a vital bit of information. In fact around the same time there was an event called ‘Press Week’ which was essentially just the same thing as Fashion Week and it was exactly what it says on the tin. A collection of shows which members of the press could attend to.

Why should bloggers go to fashion week

Bloggers at LFW – #1 #2#3#4 

In 1943 there were no bloggers (who knew?!…), it was simply photographers, editors, journalists etc… ‘members of the press’… people who put the content into magazines and newspapers. These people were all part of the fashion industry, they all made a huge input to the fashion world, and this is where I believe we get stuck. Do bloggers make an input to the fashion industry? My answer is simply, yes.

Bloggers like Tanya Burr have great followings and can sell out dresses and shoes from high street stores in an instant… that is already a staggering impact. If people like Tanya are seen at a fashion show, people will be interested. Followers and readers will want to know their opinions, their likes and dislikes about the upcoming collection, because they trust them. Even bloggers like myself make a small contribution because if I tweet about a show and someone agrees, I have started a conversation… that’s what magazines and newspapers do after all.

What is your personal opinion on bloggers attending shows?
Lela: No real opinion! If they are right for the show, a great supporter of the brand, or offer something special from a PR-angle, nothing else should matter.

When people say that bloggers have a ‘privilege’ to attend LFW, I tend to disagree with them. In this day and age, bloggers. play. a. role. They do make a contribution to what’s going on. I understand it if a blogger doesn’t do any form of review or feature of a collection, and just posts about their outfits, I understand that, totally. The major factor that we ignore is that (some) bloggers are living their life off of their blog… just like photographers, journalists etc. It’s their job.

Before blogging did you ever want to experience a fashion week, and more specifically did you want to experience LFW?
Lela: Yes! As I started off as a fashion stylist (between seasons), starting my blog seemed to be the reason I was invited over my actual work! Then though it was originally just a hobby!

Do you think it is important for bloggers to have a great knowledge of fashion and designers to be able to attend fashion week?
Lela: At least enough to produce a great review or photographs. Expert status is few and far between – its primarily about taste and publicity potential.

One of the points I do agree with though, is the playground, childish side of things… the bragging. Bloggers need to realise themselves that they are making an impact and that this is what they do if they want to be part of fashion. Getting multiple tickets to shows isn’t a way to show how great and popular you are, it’s just a way of designers and their PR team of telling you that they want you to blog about the next collection. Obviously it is exciting to attend a show of a respected designer, but you aren’t there to just sit and watch the world go by and have people think you are ‘cool’, you are there to interpret what you are seeing, you are there to tell people what each collection is all about and of course what people should expect for the next season.

What do you think? Should the amount of bloggers attending be limited, or should they even be allowed to attend at all? You tell me! Leave a comment below, I love to hear your opinions 😀

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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LFW Ready Shoe Ideas – Trainers, Heels & Flats*

By September 14, 2014 London Fashion Blog Week

LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos

Howdy! So we’re now 2 days into LFW, and although not a lot of you will be actually attending (if you are, I’m so jealous!), I thought I would put together a few ideas for what shoes you could wear to the shows… it may just give you some footwear inspiration even if you are not hitting up LFW anytime soon!

LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos


You have probably seen these babies on my blog before, but if not, let me introduce you… these are my bright neon leopard print Nike trainers. The reason they are included is because of how bold they are. I totally push the idea of wearing what you would usually wear to LFW, but if you do want at least one chance of getting street style snapped, I would totally recommend going for a bold shoe, and these are most definitely that! Surprisingly enough, these are actually quite versatile… yup! I love them for both style and comfort. Walking around all day probably means you want a comfortable shoe, so definitely look out for an awesome pair of trainers!

LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos


Moving on from the more casual option of trainers, we have some awesome metallic flats. These have actually only just recently launched in the New Look 915 range (teens), and I love them! I love all the little details from the scalloped edging to the almost two tone sole. I think they definitely look a lot more expensive than they are and would look awesome with most outfits. I would definitely invest in some cute socks for these too, you can read more about the fast food ones here.

LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos


Now we’re talking… or perhaps not if you really don’t want to move away from comfort… these aren’t necessarily uncomfortable seeing as they have a platform, but you would probably want a pair of flats in your handbag! I love them though because they have that sort of ‘off duty model’ vibe going on. I love to wear them with my spotty dungarees (ASOS, surprise surprise), but I’d like to know what you’d wear them with! Let me know in a comment 🙂

LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos


Finally, we have the most risky, show-stopper’y’ pair of the lot. Real, heels. As you may know I am a huge fan of anything holographic so these also really caught my eye. This is a super big sneak peek though, so lucky you! I’m sure these would definitely catch the attention of some eager bloggers/photographers. They look so pretty! They will for sure be an A/W staple for me.

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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London Fashion Week Outfit Ideas

By September 12, 2014 London Fashion Blog Week

London Fashion Week Outfit Ideas

It’s a good day because London Fashion Week has officially started! I’ve already watched a few shows and I’m loving it 🙂 You should be too if you read my last post… today though, I am showing you 2 outfits which I think I would wear to LFW. I would probably make them a little bit more WOW by layering but due to product images not always being great I have to make do with these. What would you wear to LFW? Let me know in the comments. 

London Fashion Week Outfit Ideas

Cool Kids Club Dress/Top (ASOS)//Blouse (ZARA)//Whistles Rucksack (ASOS)//Lipstick (Topshop)//Nike Trainers (ASOS)

I’ve been loving the sort of preppy chic/simple trend going around and this is why I love this outfit. I’ve had my eye on the Cool Kids Club sweatshirt dress/top from ASOS for ages and this is such a perfect outfit combination for it. It’s still got those elements of something special with the woven trainers which I am pretty much obsessed with, and of course the metallic bag. I’d probably say I’d wear this to the Topshop Unique show because it’s always quite a cool and calm atmosphere. I honestly love this outfit, and I think I am going to treat myself to the sweatshirt dress/top when another ASOS code comes my way.

London Fashion Week Outfit Ideas

Sequin Shirt (ASOS)//Suede Skirt (H&M)//Velcro Sandals (Daisy Street)//Hair Bow #1 & #2 (ASOS)//Sunglasses (ASOS)

Ever since Ashish’s S/S 14 collection, I have been obsessed with fully sequin covered pieces, so this ASOS number is amazing to me. I love the colour *heart eye emoji* This skirt from H&M is also to die for, I love the muted purple colour and the fact that it is suede adds to the whole effect. For shoes I opted for a simple yet chic pair from Daisy Street. I’ve been loving their site for the amazing range of shoes they offer and these are just gorgeous. I really want to add these to my collection! ASOS have a cute range of hair accessories, so I chose these 2 adorable hair bows. I would usually wear a floral crown but I think these would be a great replacement.

What shows have you loved so far? I will be doing my round-up very soon! The next post will give you a bit of footwear inspiration… stay tuned!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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How To Enjoy London Fashion Week at Home

By September 10, 2014 London Fashion Blog Week

how to enjoy london fashion week at home

What on earth is this I hear you say? Well my friend, this is London Fashion ‘Blog Week’. Starting today and ending on 21st September (yes, okay that isn’t a week.. but nor is actual LFW so… there you go), I am going to be putting up a post related to LFW every other day! I was so close to being able to go to LFW this year but sadly not, so I thought I would replace it with this! LFW is just 2 days away so here are some ideas on how you can enjoy it at home, just like me!

how to enjoy london fashion week at home

how to enjoy london fashion week at home

1. Stream the LIVE shows…

Obviously one of the best ways to catch up with LFW (NYFW, PFW etc etc) is to watch the shows in real time. In my opinion this is probably even better than being at the shows because you get a clear view of everything… you just can’t see what the detail is exactly like and take pictures of your own, but it’s still awesome to watch. London Fashion Week’s site has a digital schedule as well so it’s all displayed out nicely. Watch the shows here.

2. Follow #hash-tags on Twitter…

This is great for when you are on the move but still want to keep up-to-date with the latest shows. The best hash-tags to follow are #LFW (obviously) and #SS15 (or the relevant season). A lot of magazines, models, journalists and bloggers will be tweeting straight from the event and (hopefully) most of them will use hash-tags. It’s super easy to keep track and Twitter has a handy option to save a hash-tag so you can quickly access it.

3. Follow bloggers/journalists…

I love doing this because you get a proper insight to what is going on, not only at the shows but also around all the venues. Plus if you want a more ‘honest’ (in some cases) view on LFW, then this is your best bet. One of my favourite journalists to follow is Hilary Alexander because she’s always tweeting photos right from the shows.

4. Catch-up via…

Finally, you need to catch-up via VOGUE. They have in-depth photos from the catwalk, to details and even the celebs on the ‘FROW’. The photos are stunning too and they’re always put up ASAP after the shows. They even have a service so you get notifications of when photos go up! It’s super handy 🙂

Will you be watching LFW, or catching up via Twitter? Let me know in the comments. I hope you are looking forward to London Fashion ‘Blog’ Week! 😀

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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