4 A/W 14′ Accessory Trends To Know About

When reading the latest ELLE Collections magazine for A/W 14′ (highly recommend), I was inspired to do something a little different. I realise now that I haven’t done a good old fashion post in a long while. I used to love doing them when I started blogging! Instead of doing clothing trends, I’m here to talk about 4 of my favourite A/W 14′ Accessory Trends. Let me know which is your favourite in the comments!

a/w 2014-2015 accessory trends big belts


Something I noticed when looking at A/W collections was big. chunky. belts. To be quite honest I’m not the biggest fan of belts but I’m liking this trend as it gives me an excuse to wear these 2 belts above! I chose these because they are nice and versatile. I think I will wear these under nice big coats, I already have my eye on this New  Look number! It seems like ASOS are doing this trend best though!

a/w 2014-2015 accessory trends statement bag


I’m not a big bag wearer as I have mentioned many times before, so the reason I like this trend is because it means you can wear the bolder bags in your collection. Not necessarily novelty bags, more simple, classic styles in bright colours. Perhaps not even bright colours, perhaps just a striking monochrome combination. I believe I picked up this bag in a charity shop… it’s definitely not available in shops currently, that’s for sure!

a/w 2014-2015 accessory trends faux fur


You have probably already heard of this trend which is of course faux fur. I think faux fur is always a hit for A/W, but especially this year! I love it! I have my eyes on a few pieces and I really hope I can get my hands on them :) For now though, I will be wearing my good old ASOS cuffs (they were £1.50 about 2 years ago!) and my new friend from Fashion Angels ‘Style Lab’ which is launching soon! What do you think about this trend? Yay or nay? Love it or hate it? Is it a marmite trend?!

a/w 2014-2015 accessory trends badges


Finally, badges! Mainly patches and applique rather than actual badges but I still feel like they fit in. I really like this trend. It’s preppy yet you could wear it in a really chic way in my opinion. I believe some people are calling it the ‘Adorkable’ trend! The badges on my jacket (another bargain find) are a mix of jumble sale finds, Phiney Pet* and even an Effort badge I got in Year 6. Yup! Again ASOS are doing this trend right

I’ll be back soon, I’m quite busy at the moment but it’s all for exciting things! I hope you are still enjoying this little old blog of mine :)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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  • Christina L

    love the pics and style of this post! <3 <3 <3 gimme some statement bags pleease!!

    • tollydollyposh

      Thanks so much Christina! x

  • http://xostylestalker.com Nyah Marie

    I love patches and pins. Cool looking Girl Scout badges look amazing, especially if you got them for free as a Girl Scout. I also recently got a bunch of pins from my grandmother, and I can’t wait for fall and winter so I can put them on the lapels of blazers, and sleeves of jackets.
    P.S. I love the photo editing, it looks great.

    • tollydollyposh

      Aw nice :) Thanks so much!


    Love the statement bag and badges… so vintage looking and I’m loving this trend right now!

  • http://life15juicy.wordpress.com/ Molly (life15juicy)
    • tollydollyposh

      Hehe thanks!

  • Safah

    I love your blog so much! Glad I found it!

    • tollydollyposh

      Aw thanks Safah!x

  • http://xostylestalker.com Nyah Marie

    What are some of your favorite online shopping sites?
    I’m not old enough to drive, so I don’t go out actually shopping for clothes much with school and things, so most of my wardrobe now relies on me shopping for my own accessories and such. I already know of ASOS and Topshop, do you know of any more?

    • tollydollyposh

      Erm, well ASOS is my absolute fave, to be fair I don’t shop anywhere else (eep)! In terms of brands though some of my faves are Somewhere x Nowhere, Dahlia, Schuh or Mastershoe for shoes… erm, there are too many, I don’t know!