My Style: Floral, Dots & A Give-Away*

Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. Okay, I need to stop with the ‘Oh my’ thing, but… I am SO excited for this post for 3 reasons. 1 – My chicken pox are gone off ma’ face, 2 – I have my NEW lens and 3 – it includes a give-away! WOW WOW WOW *insert mind blown GIF* But seriously… eee! I’m very very happy! :D Anyway, I should stop my really over excited introduction, and get on with this post! Oh wait, one more thing… I have made the images bigger because I think it will make them look even more awesome and snazzy, so yah.

my style ss14 trends peacocks asos ootd teen fashion shuttersong app give-away my style ss14 trends peacocks asos ootd teen fashion shuttersong app give-awayWhat I Wore: Polka Dot Dungarees £8.00 (ASOS), Winter Floral Sweater £10.00 (Peacocks)*, Silver & White Chunky Heels (ASOS) & Black Leather Watch (Shuttersong)*

I’m sorry, but please admire that bokeh and those whisps of hair that actually look alright in front of my face. It’s amazing what a different piece of glass can do… Honestly though I feel like I could become a professional… jokes jokes. The clothes Tolly, talk about the clothes… well… I LOVE this outfit, honestly it’s super comfortable and is perfect for this time of the year. I picked up this amazing dungarees in the ASOS sale and it’s super slouchy and adjustable which means I can wear it like jumbo, or nice and snug. I also adore this sweater I got sent from Peacocks. I think it looks gorgeous with the polka dots, and it’s  the perfect piece you could take through from summer to winter. It’s not a piece I would usually think of as from Peacocks, but as I have said before, they’re really stepping up their game!

my style ss14 trends peacocks asos ootd teen fashion shuttersong app give-awaymy style ss14 trends peacocks asos ootd teen fashion shuttersong app give-awayPapa Posh thought it would be hilarious for me to include that picture above… I guess it does show how slouchy the dungarees are though… hmm ;) Ooh and look who made an appearance again! My super awesome silver heels that I won. They’re the perfect accessory for an outfit like this because they just add that little bit of ‘formal’ to it. I’m also really liking having my hair up half down. When I was younger at school I used to always do it but I then had it cut shorter and it didn’t look as good, but now it’s grown back and I think it looks just right! You’ll be shocked in the next pictures… I have no nail polish on. A blogger with no nice manicure?! My word! (Jokes… but seriously, I can never be bothered) Oh and you know I mentioned a give-away? Well, I’m re-opening my Shuttersong watch give-away. Unfortunately their weren’t many entries on Facebook, so I thought I’d give you lovely blog readers a chance to win! Scroll down to find out more…

my style ss14 trends peacocks asos ootd teen fashion shuttersong app give-away my style ss14 trends peacocks asos ootd teen fashion shuttersong app give-awayWhat You Will Win: A Shuttersong Branded Leather Watch
Who Can Enter:
Anyone at an address in: UK & IRE, France, Spain, Germany or Italy
Enter with the widget below. You must have parental permission if you are under 16 years of age. No ‘Give-Away’ social media accounts will be accepted

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! Will you be entering? What do you think of this outfit? Make sure to leave a comment below! :D

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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14 Year Old Blogger who's dream is to become a Fashion Designer :) I hope you enjoy my blog, and 99.9% is done by me!
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  • Lexi Lawrence

    Amazing find with the dungarees and I am in love with those shoes! xo

    • tollydollyposh

      Thanks Lexi! :)

  • TsuLin

    Would love your shuttersong leather watch! Not sure what colours are available but I do like the rainbow coloured mermaid on the Shuttersong webpage itself ;) Else go with Orange! Can’t go wrong with bright sunny colour. Hope I win! xx

    • tollydollyposh

      Good luck! :)

  • Anna

    Hi there! I absolutely love your blog. I just stumbled across it. I’m a teenager too! I’m 15, and I just started a blog recently of my own, I would really appreciate if you checked out and followed my blog too!

    • tollydollyposh

      Thanks Anna! Will check it out :)

  • Blonde Couture

    I would love it orange as I love that color soo much.

    • tollydollyposh

      Good Luck!

  • Blonde Couture

    Love this outfit so so much it looks really nice on you! I would love the watch in orange as I love that color soo much!!!

    • tollydollyposh

      Thank you so much! :)

  • saskiag88

    Oh my, thoose dungarees were a good call! So cute xx

    • tollydollyposh

      Merci ;) xxx <3

  • Katyy Stephenson

    love the dungarees, they’ll be perfect for spring! my email is and i’m not sure what colours they have for the watch but i’d love black – nice and simple!

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

    • tollydollyposh

      Good luck!

  • Katie Louise

    I’d go for a navy one! Cute outfit!

    • tollydollyposh

      Great choice, thanks!

  • Mia Cook

    I’d go for a navy one in I won, my email is Love the jumper!

    • tollydollyposh

      Great choice! :)

  • Margaux Blair

    I absolutely love your blog and your style! I would be pleased with any coloured mermaid, but the rainbow one is sassy!

    • tollydollyposh

      Thank you! Good luck!

  • Rebecca U

    I would love the mermaid in black :-)

    • tollydollyposh

      Good luck!

  • Danielle

    Love the outfit…I wish I was brave enough to go a little more diverse with my style! The watch is so cute…if I won, i think the rainbow-coloured one is lovely like the one on the homepage! Fingers crossed. Danielle x /

    • tollydollyposh

      Good Luck!
      P.S You should read my article on KIT Magazine. It’s all about trying to be diverse ;) x

      • Danielle

        Thanks…will do…where can I find the article? Can you send a link? Thanks! x

        • tollydollyposh

          If you go to my Press page it will be there! :)

  • Karen

    Just found your blog and I love you style! (♥◇♥)

  • Crystal

    love your style and amazing blog! I found it!!!

    • tollydollyposh

      Thank you!

  • Bridget

    I love polka dots! :) They make me smile.
    You write so nicely. I hope I can gain some of your writing techniques! :)

    • tollydollyposh

      Aw thank you! :) x

  • twannywun

    green x

  • Zoe B

    This is an awesome outfit! Super cool!
    Love the watch! :)

    Thanks for a great giveaway! x

    • tollydollyposh

      Thanks, no problem!x

  • Natalie White

    My Twitter name (hope that’s ok instead of my email) is @NatalieWhite91 I’d love navy!

  • Grace Kirman

    Hi!! I’d love a black/turquoise mermaid watch! They are so pretty! You are such an inspiration to me, I’d blog too; if I knew what to do! Never give up on your dreams xx

  • Grace Kirman

    By the way! Haha almost forgot: black/turquoise

  • Grace Kirman

    The outfit is gorgeous too! You are so pretty:)xx

  • Natalie Crossan

    Wonderful giveaway -we’d love red please :) My daughter would love this! x

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