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By September 2, 2015 Mooi en Lief

So, how ridiculous is this… after all this time, it’s only 3 DAYS until my co-branded collection of socks goes live with Mooi en Lief. 3 DAYS! Crazy. So, to celebrate the fact that it’s so soon until the launch, I’m going to entice you with a give-away of 50% off the socks! All of the details and information is below, it’s super simple, and there is nothing to lose! (There’s 3 winners too… so go, go, go!) 50% Off Mooi en Lief by Tolly Dolly Posh Discount Giveaway


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rules and T&Cs: This give-away is open worldwide and will have 3 winners. Once the winners have been randomly chosen through Rafflecopter itself, I will email the winners and explain how to claim their 50% off discount. The prize has been awarded by Mooi en Lief and is valid for the whole Mooi en Lief online shop!

Good Luck! I shall see you on Saturday when Mooi en Lief and myself will have officially launched the collection. CRAZY! :)  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Andiamo! | A Road Trip to Italy…

By August 29, 2015 DIY & Lifestyle

I don’t think my life has ever been so manic… okay, maybe it has been but seriously, I’m launching a collection of socks with Mooi en Lief next week (EEEP!) and now, I’m off on a road trip to Italy! Yup! More deets here if ya’ wanna’ know…

road trip to italy - andiamo - let's go!


As you may know, I’m currently home schooled which allows me more time to do things like blogging and focus on things that I’m truly passionate about. It also means that I have time to travel, seeing as my “school” could move into a jungle if it really wanted (okay, maybe not), so as you can probably tell, I’m going off to Italy on a road trip!

You may have seen that I say I am in “UK & France”, because it’s kinda’ true. I’m back and forth quite a bit, and I think for now, it will more be “UK & Italy”. I think it’s going to be really exciting… I suppose I haven’t really been excited for the journey yet, but now I write this, I kinda’ am!

road trip to italy - andiamo - let's go!

WHAT I WORE: Stripey Top (Johnnie B @ Boden)* // Leather Backpack (Dr Martens)*

I have been to Italy before (specifically Rome, Venice and Genoa) but that’s just a small percentage. It will be really interesting to see the difference between France and Italy, and even England! I think I’m most excited to try real pizza, I mean who wouldn’t be?!

It will also be my first experience of a campervan which I’m also ridiculously excited about! Even our furry little black cat friend, Paloma, will be joining us on our adventure. If you have any tips on travelling on long journeys with cats, do let us know! She’s been from the UK to France and didn’t make a single noise, so fingers crossed she’ll be fine!

This does also mean that all of my blog posts coming up are going to firstly be scheduled, but they’re also all going to be Mooi en Lief by Tolly Dolly Posh related. There will be give-away’s so you won’t be missing out on too much! I’ll also give you a break half way through with an ordinary post from yours truly!

Also, I’m really sorry for not doing the second instalment of Changing With The Seasons – Summer, but as you can tell, I just haven’t had the time! I’ll be back in October though…

Are you excited for the next few weeks to come? Leave a comment and we can chat when I get a spare moment. For now… andiamo! 

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Starting An Ethical Wardrobe | Sale Shoppping*

By August 25, 2015 Ethical

on a tight budgetAfter launching my Ethical Directory it seemed a bit wrong not to actually shop from it, didn’t it? So when Think Money came to me and asked whether I’d like to do a bit of sale shopping and show you how much money I saved, I thought it was the perfect time to add some more to my ethical wardrobe that is slowly starting to grow. Want to see what I picked up? Carry on reading… :)

Ethical Fashion Sale Shopping - ASOS Africa & People Tree Zandra Rhodes
Ethical Fashion Sale Shopping - ASOS Africa & People Tree Zandra Rhodes


The task was simple… to go sale shopping and document how much I spent and how much I saved, and it really was quite the challenge. As the benefits of ethical/sustainable fashion often make the price of items go up, it was quite tricky to buy that much with the budget that I had (£50), but I realised, that even with ethical fashion, that’s not the point.

Cutting down on the amount of clothes we buy each year is also a big factor when it comes ethical shopping, on top of making sure those items are produced and manufactured in fair working conditions and with fabrics and materials that are as eco-friendly as they can be. So with 3 items in my basket, I was quite chuffed that I was able to support two brands and the people who made the items.

Ethical Fashion Sale Shopping - ASOS Africa & People Tree Zandra Rhodes

Ethical Fashion Sale Shopping - ASOS Africa & People Tree Zandra Rhodes


The first piece that I knew I had to pick up was this pair of ASOS Africa trousers. You may recognise the print as I have already got the matching blouse (you can see me wearing it here and here). I loved the print so much that I knew I needed these to cover up my legs! They’re actually a crepe material which is slightly odd but they’re still super lovely. You can read more about ASOS Africa here, in case you missed it! They were £16 and are going to make a lovely addition to my wardrobe!

Sale Price – £16.00 // Original Price – £45.00 // How Much I Saved – £29.00

Ethical Fashion Sale Shopping - ASOS Africa & People Tree Zandra Rhodes

Ethical Fashion Sale Shopping - ASOS Africa & People Tree Zandra Rhodes


The next piece I knew I had to pick up was this oversized top from the “Zandra Rhodes with People Tree” collection. The fact that it was Zandra Rhodes did pull me in a bit more than it should have, but so did the price. On sale it was only £16, so in terms of an ethical and fair-trade item of clothing, it was quite a good deal.

It’s a sort of oversized style top that has quite large, almost batwing, sleeves with this abstract print which reminds me of a mix between a rocket ship and a satellite floating in space. I love these sorts of prints and colours as they mix really well with things like my KENZO shorts (second-hand, woop woop).

Sale Price – £16.00 // Original Price – £40.00 // How Much I Saved – £24.00

Ethical Fashion Sale Shopping - ASOS Africa & People Tree Zandra Rhodes

Ethical Fashion Sale Shopping - ASOS Africa & People Tree Zandra Rhodes


Lastly but definitely not least, is this gorgeous little necklace, also from People Tree. I thought it would look perfect with a necklace I have from Accessorize as it has very similar beading and colours. The beads are all glass so it’s actually a lot more sturdy than it may look. I also really like the little “PT” symbol and bird which sit just in the middle. It’s going to be the perfect little layering necklace and a nice reminder that I’m supporting a good cause.

It was made by TARA, a fair-trade group working with artisans in India. TARA has it’s own collection of jewellery with People Tree, all of which are lovely and delicate. What do you think?

Sale Price – £6.00 // Original Price – £14.00 // How Much I Saved – £8.00

I saved… £61.00 in total!

So yes, I saved myself quite a lot pennies didn’t I? Of course with brands like People Tree it’s nice to support them fully, but when you’re a teen like me, or a student, or even if you’re just on a tight budget, saving yourself some money can be a real big help, especially when you want to focus on creating an ethical wardrobe.

I’m chuffed with my purchases and I hope you are too! Let  me know in the comments what you’ve bought in the sales recently! :)

(This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Think Money. I was sent £50 to purchase whatever I want. All opinions are 100% honest. You can read my full disclaimer, here.)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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“La Grotte” Inspired Fashion Designs & Moodboard

By August 23, 2015 Designs

It has been a while since a design post, huh? I find because I’m my own worst critic, that I tend to only want to share work with you that I’m 100% happy with, and that is why my design page may look very empty now… I just need a fresh start and to start showing you things that I’ve actually worked on as proper little projects. Alongside this one, I made draft pattern pieces, and A3 final illustrations (which look a lot better than the digital ones actually)… so there’s a lot more to it than what meets the eye!

La Grotte Lacave Cave Inspired Fashion Designs

La Grotte Lacave Cave Inspired Fashion Designs

La Grotte Lacave Cave Inspired Fashion Designs


With the designs that I’ve done more recently, I’ve really tried to take inspiration from anything to get my creativity flowing, and this time I took to the underground French caves! We’ve visited a few when we’ve been over and they really are quite fascinating, and full of different shapes and textures. The main inspiration was this weird wavy crevasse that I saw above our heads and it spiralled into lots of different ideas.

My moodboard is rather small but it actually really helped in thinking up the smaller details for my mini design “collection”. I also realised that the stalagmites reminded me of certain shells with their curves and pointed edges. I also discovered a cool method to highlight inspiration by drawing over with white in Photoshop.. I really like the effect!

La Grotte Lacave Cave Inspired Fashion Designs


The jagged edges from the caves reminded me of the amazing use of raw and jagged tulleso I drew up a little dress featuring smaller details like messily folded and pleated hemming and drop back that looks like a crevasse it’s self. The idea is that it would be gathered at the waist but fairly loose and full in the skirt. As tulle is so light it would need several layers and a lining to really bring it altogether.

The dark black pleated detailing reminds me of the deep shadows that are created from artificial lighting deep underground. The pleats would be messy and uneven to create that jagged effect.

La Grotte Lacave Cave Inspired Fashion Designs


For the next “look” in this mini collection, I decided to use silk on top. After connecting the dots between the shells and the cave, I decided to draw up a floaty and boxy silk top that would have looping curves around the neck, arms and hem line to remind me of the inside of a clam or the smooth water that dripped below the ground. There would be covered buttons on the back with a tab opening also, I just didn’t include it in the basic design! 

For the long shorts, they would be a lined pair of raw, burlap material. I call it twine but it’s probably the complete wrong word! They’d hit just on the knee, with the frayed edges almost being a bit of a tickle. The texture and roughness reminds me of the rough cave walls and the big pockets are also a nod to the big drops that plunge into darkness.

What do you think of my cave inspired collection? It’s simple but has a lot of thought in it. Let me know the comments if you’d like to see this style post in the near future!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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