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Turning Sixteen…

By On May 19, 2016

Hello during this random blog post, the month and day of which coincide numerically with my expulsion from a uterus… yes, it’s my birthday! I’m officially sixteen… throw streamers, shoot out the confetti,… Read More

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Four Fashion Magazines That Have Caught My Attention

By On May 6, 2016

Do you remember when we all though magazines were going to die out in a purge of the digital world? Haha, yeah, well, that hasn’t quite happened yet, has it? Seeing as… Read More

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A Look Back On Fashion Revolution Day 2016…

By On May 2, 2016

Long time no blog, huh? I’ve been trying to stop myself from apologising when there’s a bit of a gap in my blog posts, but I’m just gonna’ have to say it:… Read More

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How To Support Fashion Revolution Day… 18th – 24th April

By On April 17, 2016

So as you will know from the past couple of years, I’m a big supporter of Fashion Revolution, so this is just a quick reminder for those of you who are new… Read More

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My Style Editorial & GIVE-AWAY: Desert Rebelle*

By On April 6, 2016

Today’s “My Style“ post is slightly more editorial hence the slightly wider post and the ‘read more’ button for those of you on my homepage. I’m super happy with these photos, so… Read More

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3 Italian Fashion Brands That I’ve Recently Discovered*

By On April 3, 2016

I thought it would be nice to do a little round-up of brands that I’ve discovered whilst travelling around Italy. Not only can you take note for your next holiday, but you… Read More

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4 Years of Blogging | When Do I Blog?

By On March 29, 2016

I only just remembered late last night that today marked my 4th blogging year. How crazy is that? In celebration, I thought I’d keep up the tradition of these what, when, how… Read More

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Scrap Social

Scrap Social #8: The Research Edition

By On March 25, 2016

For today’s Scrap Social, I wanted to do something a little different… if you are into fashion design, or you are interested in starting on that path, one of the important stages… Read More

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Pen to Paper

Pen to Paper Interview with… Rankin

By On March 17, 2016

‘Pen to Paper’ is a new feature on TDP, which involves an informal handwritten form of interview between myself and creatives –  from fashion designers, photographers, journalists, artists and musicians, to people who generally… Read More

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DIY & Lifestyle

How To Combat Feeling Judged and Self-Conscious

By On March 14, 2016

I’ve spoken about this topic before in this blog post about ‘sticking out like a sore thumb’, but I’m always happy to revisit the topic, especially if you guys are asking specifically,… Read More

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Wishlist: Patchwork Denim, Red, White & Blue*

By On March 10, 2016

I haven’t put up a wishlist style post in a while, so seeing as a new season is about to set in, I thought I’d put one up. I’ve been seeing a… Read More

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My Style

My Style: Public Outfit Display of Affection*

By On March 6, 2016

The reason this outfit is having a public display of affection is because this is probably the most public My Style outfit shoot I’ve ever done. There were people looking for sure… Read More

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Milan Fashion Week AW16 Review

By On March 1, 2016

As I mentioned in my London Fashion Week AW16 Review, I thought it would be nice to take a look at the collections coming out of Milan Fashion Week AW16 too, especially… Read More

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London Fashion Week AW16 Review

By On February 25, 2016

So now that London Fashion Week AW16 is over, and it’s about time we get to the reviewing and reflecting! I might be doing a Milan Fashion Week review too, seeing as… Read More

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Scrap Social

Guest Scrap Social: Areeba – Not Your Type

By On February 22, 2016

As part of my Scrap Social series, I thought it would be interesting to take a look into the scrapbooks of other bloggers and creatives in the form of a Guest Scrap… Read More