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Hellooooo! Happy Easter! Today I have a post which has taken me quite a while to get together, but hopefully it shall be worth it because 1, you will like it and 2, there is a give-away at the end! I’ve picked out 5 of my favourite fashion books and am going to review all of them for you! I hope it is helpful and you find some new reads at the same time! Enjoy! Look at me as well… putting a picture before the intro! Something new ;)and yes that is a McDonald’s Hello Kitty toy… Please note that this post isn’t in an order!

fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbook fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbook fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbookTEEN VOGUE HANDBOOK – £7.49 – AMAZON

Let’s start with the most obvious one… by that I of course mean, the Teen Vogue Handbook. I have read this all the way through, and it is pretty darn good! It’s basically a book going into the lives of people in the fashion industry, and how they got there, along with tips and tricks on how you can get there. The cool thing is that as you go along, it asks questions to do with each job that there is available. You get to learn so much about each part of the industry.

The layout is beautiful and all the pictures are gorgeous which makes it such a nice book to read. In each section they have a page which is a ‘tool kit’ for that job, and I love it! There are pages focusing on people like Anna Wintour, the Teen Vogue Fashion Market Team, Phillip Lim, Mario Testino, Marc Jacobs, and many more, so you really get a feel for what life is like in the fashion industry. One of my favourite pages is page 206, where they tell you how a shot was created for a photoshoot, and it is hilarious! At the back of the book they have a list of design schools, the prices, what are the benefits of each one etc, and it is actually surprisingly helpful!

Would I recommend it? - Yes! It’s really interesting and you learn a lot.
Who would you recommend it to? - I would recommend it to anyone who thinks they might want to have a job in the fashion industry, or anyone who is generally interested in fashion!
Any cons? - The only con really is that because there are so many pictures, at times you forget to actually read the book, so if you are a looker not a reader, then this might not be for you!

fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbook fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbook fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbookFASHION & FASHION DESIGNERS DICTIONARY – £7.96 – AMAZON

The next one I have is the Thames & Hudson Fashion and Fashion Designers Dictionary. Now you might think, Tolly, why are you reading a dictionary? Well my friend, because it is very very insightful. Although I read it before bed and I cannot actually remember things off the top of my head… that is not to say it is a bad book! I don’t really know how I can describe this book because it literally is… a DICTIONARY! It’s full of everything about fashion, and it is actually what helps me make my topics for my A-Z series.

Not like the Teen Vogue Handbook, you can actually read it without getting distracted as there aren’t that many pictures. I would probably like a few more for things like shapes etc, but I wouldn’t say it is a problem. For the value, I think you are getting a lot from this book and it has been really helpful for me!

Would you recommend it? - Yes! Not much more to say, but a definite yes!
Who would you recommend it to? - Anybody who needs/wants to learn about fashion. I would say any fashion student needs this book in their life!
Any cons? - Only the fact that sometimes a few more pictures/diagrams are needed!

fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbook fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbook fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbookDREAMING OF DIOR – PRICE VARIES – AMAZON

This is a book I didn’t really realise I was going to like until I read it page by page. Dreaming of Dior is a book all about a collection of dresses that the author has inherited and she basically tells the story of each dress through this book. Some of the stories are heart-warming and some are sad, but the book is just gorgeous to read, and it’s all real!

Each story is quite short so it’s a great book to either read all the way through, or time to time. I love looking at the illustrations of the dresses and deciding which one I would wear, or not, or how I would change the dress to make it suit me. It’s not necessarily a learning book, but it’s too lovely not to include.

Would you recommend it? - Absolutely! Even if you don’t learn from it, it’s a great read!
Who would you recommend it to? - Anybody who loves clothes will enjoy this book!
Any cons? - Nope… maybe the stories could be longer, but maybe that is what makes the book great!

fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbook fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbook fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbook


Of course being a blogger myself, I had to include a fashion blogging book. Just like the Teen Vogue Handbook, you’ve probably heard of Style Feed before. The book is basically about the world’s top fashion blogs, from 2005 – 2011. It’s written by both William Oliver and Susie Bubble, and it features some really interesting people and their blogs. Of course it is understandable but quite a few of the blogs are those ones we all know about like Tavi G, The Man Repeller, Anna Dello Russo, etc etc, which kinda’ irritated me because I just wish smaller blogs got into these things!

I would say this is more of a coffee table book… maybe not in my case seeing as it was printed awfully (I have to miss out a few blogs), but the reason it is, is purely the fact that I don’t really find it that interesting. Not to say that everyone else will feel the same way, but IMO, it could have a bit more too it. A plus would be the outfit inspiration in this book… they are awesome! The reason it is in my Top 5 though is because I am sure other people will love it more than me!

Would you recommend it? - Yes and no. I think it depends on who you are!
Who would you recommend it to? - Other fellow bloggers and maybe students wanting to learn more about blogging.
Any cons? - My copy was printed terribly, and I didn’t think it was very interesting.

fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbook fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbook fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbookSTYLE DIARIES – £16.99 – AMAZON

Along the very same lines we have Style Diaries which I absolutely prefer to Style Feed. Other than just featuring the top blogs in the world it features loads more, smaller ones too! There is so much diversity in this one too, which makes me smile! Plus, there were no printing errors! Yipee!

If you are on the look out for new blogs to read, but don’t want to keep tweeting everyone and anyone, then GET THIS BOOK! There are male fashion bloggers, vintage fashion bloggers, punk, modern, crazy and cute fashion bloggers in this book and you are sure to find a new favourite! Although there are lots of lovely pictures, I would say that this is quite a pricey book for what it is… but for the inspiration, and for all the new blogs to find, maybe it is worth it!

Would your recommend it? - Yes, yes, I would!
Who would you recommend it to? - Bloggers, blog readers, fashion loving people!
Any cons? - The price… as I said, there are a lot of pictures… maybe try find it second hand?

fashion books style feed style diaries dreaming of dior fashion dictionary teen vogue handbookGIVE-AWAY TIME! WIN 1 of 5 COPIES of Model Under Cover

A while ago (here) I promised that I would be giving away 5 signed copies of Model Under Cover by Carina Axelsson, and here I am, doing exactly that! All you have to do is fill in the entries in the widget and voila! 5 lucky people will get 1 signed copy each, where ever you live! I also got to ask Carina a couple  of questions, so check it out underneath the widget!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Before you started writing this book, you were PA for John Galliano. Is the writing industry as buzzing and fast paced as the fashion industry? What made you stop and turn to writing?: Fashion is constantly changing so you have to move quickly to keep up. Also, because it’s so youth oriented, fashion is at the forefront of new trends and ideas. All of this gives it a high day-to-day buzz. That’s just fashion: it’s always “on”. For me, as a writer, publishing moves at a much slower speed than fashion, but that’s because the process of writing and publishing just one book takes oodles of time! As soon as it’s publishing time, the buzz picks up and the buzz is intense, and after a while I start yearning for some buzz-free days!

Could you describe the sort of person who might enjoy Model Under Cover?: Ooh! That’s easy! Anyone who wants a thrilling, page-turning read! Model Under Cover: A Crime of Fashion has a juicy mystery, and fresh, young romance set against the glittery, fast-paced world of fashion; these are things that I think interest most of us. I also think that Axelle’s sassiness will appeal to all kinds of girls.

I hope you liked this super duper long post! I will be back with another post on Fashion Revolution Day talking about something quite interesting! See on the 24th April!

(This post is not sponsored or in anyway in work with Amazon or Usborne Books. Amazon links are affiliate links. Usborne Books gave me the chance to give-away some books, so I took the chance! Read my full disclaimer here.) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: I’ve Got Those Chatty Feet*

Hello! How are you? I have another OOTD today because I just couldn’t resist. My schedule is officially… empty… well apart from my next blog post, but it feels good! I’ve been wanting to shoot at an oil seed rape (is it that or rapeseed?) field for a while now and I finally did before the sun officially set last night! I hope you like this post as it has a little something extra added in ;)

chatty feet punky pins peacocks ootdchatty feet punky pins peacocks ootd chatty feet punky pins peacocks ootdWhat I Wore: Stripey Top (Saint James), Polka Dot Skirt* (Peacocks), Miko Socks £7.00* (Chatty Feet), Black Jelly Shoes (Supermarket), Multi Gum Ball Junk Charm Necklace £18.00* (Punky Pins), Ring (Octopus - I think?) & Sunglasses (#stylebloggerawards2013 – Nominate me for 2014!)

 I recently got sent an awesome pair of socks… sounds weird right? But honestly, they are so fun! The brand which is, Chatty Feet, has an awesome vibe to it, and basically makes my feet look happy all day long! I knew straight away I had to do some sort of thing involving the song Happy Feet - the one time it is acceptable to be a real life Muppet! - so I decided to film a cute little video for you! It’s not amazing but I hope it brightens up your day none the less! I will talk more about the socks later though ;) Can we appreciate that I actually got a good picture of that pose? By that pose, I mean that one where you hold your pony tail up, trying not to look like a weirdo? Yeah, I got a good picture. Let’s also appreciate how I wore not only stripes and spots together… but navy and black. 0_0 Shocking I know!

chatty feet punky pins peacocks ootdchatty feet punky pins peacocks ootdchatty feet punky pins peacocks ootdOooh hazy evening pictures haha! I was actually not sure about the skirt I was wearing because of the length, but I think it’s okay now! Being a fairly long legged gal (by fairly, I mean ‘maybe I count as one’), short skirts usually look a bit odd, but the fit and fabric of this one makes up for it! I think monochrome polka dots go well with quite a lot of things, so this is a nice addition to my wardrobe! I’d had my eye on this Punky Pins necklace though… it’s so cool! It’s sort of tacky, but in a weird and wonderful way. I love how it has a mini Pepsi bottle, and a randomly placed Colgate tube, in amongst a load of other random stuff! As it is so colourful, it means it can go with lots of different outfits! Definitely a new favourite :) Another new favourite of mine are these beautiful coloured fields. Last winter was pretty bad so I think they are more obvious this year, and they just make me smile! Perfect photo opportunity! 

chatty feet punky pins peacocks ootd chatty feet punky pins peacocks ootd chatty feet punky pins peacocks ootd chatty feet punky pins peacocks ootdI picked up my cute little ring quite a while ago in a shop called ‘Octopus’ back in the UK. I think there are quite a few dotted around, and they’re stuff is really cute! They actually have a fairly similar shop in a town near us which I always like to browse. For now though, let’s talk about socks! These are the socks I featured in my Chatty Feet Look Book (embedded above), and they are just so bright! They have so many cute characters, and I seriously want to get my nephew a pair! They are kind of a 2 in one, of socks and puppets really, which is a bonus! The only thing which I would say is that they do wear away quite quickly, and you need to be careful of the wash! They sort of shrunk when I washed them… Other than that I think they make great gifts and look awesome with sandals! I have my eyes on the Yoko Mono pair as they are perfect for summer!

I hope you liked this post and the added YouTube video! It would be awesome if you could nominate as Best Teen Style Blog! You can do so here!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Brand Appreciation: Spangled Sunglasses

Quite recently, via Twitter and the wonderful blogger, Lexi, I discovered the wonderful site which is Wanelo. I swear this isn’t sponsored, but I am OBSESSED with that site. Absolutely obsessed, I think it may even be better than Tumblr because it’s full of clothes *evil cackle* You can follow me on it here if you wanna…. but, on that site, I found the awesome brand which is Spangled. It’s insane… (Images via Spangled)

spangled sunglasses shop spangled sunglasses shop spangled sunglasses shopI told you Spangled was insane. DINOSAURS, SPARKLE AND NEON GEMS. What more do you want?! Before I start a huge great big ramble on how much I NEED their stuff, can we just appreciate that, that male model… O_O MIND BLOWN *fireworks and explosions* …back to the glasses Tolly, back to the glasses… If you have known me and my blog for a while now, you’ll know that I would die to wear these glasses because they are everything I look for in an partner  accessory. The shape, the colours, the gems, the animals, the glitter, the EVERYTHING. Just imagine having pastel dinosaurs on the front of your noggin? Pretty cool, pretty darn cool. Spangled were born from the love of Festival dress up and aims to bejazzle you with limited edition handmade items that will make you stand out from the crowd. From bodysuits, to spangled sunglasses, sparkly spandex, outrageous prints, customised items and much much more. Dayum gurl!

spangled sunglasses shop spangled sunglasses shop spangled sunglasses shop

Not only do Spangled specialise (by specialise I mean… DO THE BEST BLIMMING JOB) at Sunglasses, they also do awesome clothes like the neon two piece above. Totally on my wishlist. All of their stuff is so colourful and bright and just perffffect. Plus, if you wanna’ look good down at the beach, then you need to look at their swimwear range… oh Spangled, you do keep getting better and better. When I tweeted them they said that they actually have a new collection coming soon, which I am TOTES EXCITED (totes… really Tolly?) about. For realz. Anyway, I shall leave you to stare at these pictures in amazement… and the male model one more time, and then you can look at even more pictures hereCheck em’ out people! Enjoy ;) :D

If you liked this post then you may want to nominate me as Best Teen Style Blog! You can do so, by clicking HERE!  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Fashion Revolution Day – #InsideOut

Today I have a special post, which I really really hope you get involved with. If you don’t know, April 24th is Fashion Revolution Day which is exactly 1 year after the Rana Plaza disaster. I’m here to tell you more about the special day, and how you can get involved to raise awareness in the fashion industry…

inside out fash rev9 inside out fash rev1 inside out fash rev3What I Wore #InsideOut: Neon Embroidered Blouse with Drop Hem (ASOS), Printed Dress (Primark), H.Morgan Denim Jacket (Jumble Sale), Pastel Chain Necklaces (Rings & Tings)* & Blue Jelly Sandals (Sun Jellies)*

Last year on April 24th in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1133 people were killed when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed, many more were injured. The textile industry is widely regarded as a major contributor to global pollution but, according to research by Deloitte, 2 in 3 fashion companies are not focused on engaging consumers with regard to sustainability. According to the Australian Fashion Report in 2013 61% of companies surveyed didn’t know where their garments were made. Fashion Revolution, says enough is enough, and I totally agree. It’s time we do know where our wardrobe came from! I know I don’t feel comfortable in buying clothes made by children my age, and by people in crumbling buildings, and YOU can help. YOU can do something. YES, YOU!

inside out fash rev5inside out fash rev2

This is what Fashion Revolution want YOU to do….

Wear a piece of clothing (or an outfit!) ‘#InsideOut‘ and share it around with the hashtag #InsideOut including @Fash_Rev and @TollyDollyPosh (I want to see it too!)

Tweet and share your picture with the brand that it comes from, and ask them ‘Who Made My Clothes?’ again with the #InsideOut hashtag

There are going to be events at Somerset House, as well as a mass catwalk in Barcelona, a fashion show in Bangladesh and in Nepal. This isn’t just a local thing, Fashion Revolution is a global project, and I hope you get stuck in!

inside out fash rev7 inside out fash rev6 I’m going to be tweeting throughout the day to as many brands as possible that I have worked with in the past, or whoever! I want to try my best to help this cause because I am very passionate about it. If you are a blogger, you can also check out the course I have made on Bundle where you can learn more about the cause, and gain points on your Bundle account. More modules will be added, but for now go check it out! It will only take you 30 minutes at the most.

Please please please check out Fashion Revolution because everyone wears clothes, so it is something we should all be getting involved with. I hope to see lots of you tweeting on April 24thIf you liked this post, you can nominate me as Best Teen Style Blog here! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Liberty London Inspired Design Collection

Does anybody remember this post where I did a Lazy Oaf inspired design collection? No? Well check it out before you carry on with this one… what I really mean is, today I have a very similar one! It’s the exact same sort of thing but instead of Lazy Oaf, we have Liberty London! Again… don’t get too excited, I’m not working with Liberty… although I really wish I was *sigh* Please Liberty, do not steal my ideas, or any other brand or person… would make me happy! If you want to be super super awesome, then you can tweet this post and who knows, Liberty might just see it!

liberty london inspired fashion design collection teen fashion designer I couldn’t do this blog post without a bit of inspiration, so here a few pictures of previous collaborations in which Liberty have done! My favourite collaboration is probably the ones they do with Nike, and of course that collaboration they did with Dr Martens. With my designs I obviously had to do a print because Liberty basically means ‘print’ in the language of fashion. I also love the Vans collaboration as it was so bright and colourful. I wanted to definitely make sure that I infused my love of colour into the collection I made, and I hope I did it justice!

liberty london inspired fashion design collection teen fashion designer Hot Pink & Bright Blue Floral Print 2 Piece (left) and Hot Pink Kimono Dress with Cutouts (right):

For the collection I needed to make sure that I included classic pieces but also incorporated fun elements that I would wear. I absolutely love two pieces at the moment, especially with a cropped top and long puffy skirt. I honestly want this to be made for me. As soon as I can, I’m going to get that fabric printed and make it up! I created the print by doing a water colour doodle and then making it a bit brighter on Photoshop! I really love the way it came out actually, and even though it’s not Liberty print standards, I think it is still nice and quirky. I’m also loving floaty dresses, and this ‘Kimono Dress’ is sooo pretty in my opinion! It would be a light floaty fabric, maybe a crepe sort of style. It would have cut outs around the waist and sleeve for a little something something!

liberty london inspired fashion design collection teen fashion designer White & Neon Mustard Floral Two Piece (Mini Shirt & Skirt – left) and Green Floral Bomber Jacket, Jeans & Taupe T-Shirt (right):

Ah my days! I probably sound really big headed, but I’m really annoyed I did these designs because I love them SO SO much! I think the white and neon mustard colour combination is so gorgeous! I love how the blue pops against both of them, and the style of the shirt is just perfect. For the other look, it is definitely more casual. I think a bomber jacket is such a nice casual way to look sporty, because it isn’t too much. The jeans would be a skinny boyfriend hybrid, so a bit chunky, but not too chunky that they look silly on some people, and skinny enough that they are perfect for all seasons.

Catwalk Song: Movement – Feel Real
Models: Suvi Koponen, Vanessa Axente, Anais Mali & Tilda Lindstam

I hope you liked this post! I am actually pretty proud of the outcome of this! I am definitely going to try and do more of these posts, it’s just they take a bit more time than any other!
Don’t forget you can nominate my blog as Best Teen Style Blog here, which would make me very happy!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Dr Martens 1460 Pascal White Wild Poppy Boots*

What’s up people? I actually had to look up other ways to introduce blog posts because I think ‘Hello everyone’ can get a bit repetitive. Wow, #bloggerproblems at an all time low. Anyway, the actual reason of this post is for me to do my full review of my precious Dr Martens, the 1460 Pascal White Wild Poppy Boots to be exact. I absolutely love them so I thought I would tell you what they are like comfort, style and practicality wise!

dr martens 1460 pascal white wild poppy boots mastershoe myshu dr martens 1460 pascal white wild poppy boots mastershoe myshuDr Martens 1460 Pascal – White Wild Poppy £79.99 (Mastershoe MyShu)*

I am obsessed with these. They are literally perfect in every shape and form. They arrived in a lovely box from Mastershoe MyShu, and I couldn’t have been more happy! I already have a black sort of grey metallic pair which are perfect and I love them, but these were just the cherry on the top. I got them in the same size as my other pair which is a Size 5 as I do think they come up quite big. I’m more of a size 5½ or a 6, but these fit like a glove. Because they weren’t worn in like my other pair, they are SO much more comfortable and I have to say… I would probably recommend getting new Dr Martens than old ones!

The print on these though. WOW. They are honestly perfect. They’re like the nicest floral print for all seasons. I could definitely see myself wearing these in the winter with nice thick tights and a plain black dress. They also make me feel like I have stepped out of Tumblr… I think that feeling will grow even bigger when I wear them with shorts. Oh my I cannot wait!

dr martens 1460 pascal white wild poppy boots mastershoe myshu dr martens 1460 pascal white wild poppy boots mastershoe myshudr martens 1460 pascal white wild poppy boots mastershoe myshuThe leather is super super soft, and makes wearing these so comfortable. I’m usually one to say you need to wear thick socks with Dr Martens, but with these, it’s probably not a necessity! I get away just fine with wearing sport socks in these, which is good news for summer :) We also cannot forget the ‘Bouncing Soles’. These soles are… AMAZING! Honestly cannot believe how comfortable these are to walk in, they are cushioned and cosy. I’m also a big fan of the tag on these, the colour is nicer than the normal black tag in my opinion! …am I the only one who has to have the tag in view when wearing DMs? It just feels wrong not to!

I think I should also talk about price when it comes to these bad… girls…? (In my opinion, these are not male in-animate objects)… I would actually say the price is pretty darn reasonable. Some DMs can hit the £150 mark, so these are like a bargain! For the comfort and style, you are definitely paying for a good pair of shoes, and they are sure to last you a good time! Plus postage at Mastershoe is FREE for the UK, and no more than £10 for the Rest of the World, which I don’t think you can say not to!

I thought I would hit on a tip for any Dr Marten bargain hunters. It might seem obvious but when looking for 2nd hand pairs or a good price on eBay somebody might give you a rip off! The way to check is to look at the sole and see whether it has the stamp on the bottom. If not, then you are getting a cheap pair! The real deal is always best ;)

dr martens 1460 pascal white wild poppy boots mastershoe myshuSee how I style up my Dr Martens in this OOTD!

I hope you enjoyed this little review, and if you did, or you have your own opinion on these Dr Martens, then do make sure to leave a comment below! Don’t forget you can also nominate me as Best Teen Style Blog here… if you liked this post and all my others! ;)

(This is not a sponsored post. Although I was sent a pair of shoes to feature, I was not asked or paid to write/publish this post. Read my full disclaimer here.)
Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Style Blogger Awards 2014: Nominations

Hello my gorgeous munchkins (or handsome, for you boys out there), I hope you are well! Today marks a special day because *dun dun dunnn* the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards 2014 – that’s a mouthful… or keyboard full?… – are open for business! :D I do kinda’ hate these posts, but of course any blogger in their right mind wants to let their readers know about special occasions, and this is one of them. Before you read… I am in no way saying you have to nominate me, I only wish for you to if you really feel I and my blog are worthy enough!

style blogger awards 2014 missguided company magazinestyle blogger awards 2014 missguided company magazineNOMINATE FOR BEST TEEN STYLE BLOG HERE

I still feel bamboozled about the moment when a tweet came in last year saying ‘You’re shortlisted! Congrats’… it was crazy. I think my heart skipped a beat. I still cannot thank you all enough for getting me from being nominated to the actual event… I want to hug every single one of you. Luckily I did get to hug some of you including my best pineapple, Anna and the lovely Alex (they both rock) last year, and I still have the photo-booth pictures to prove it. For some reason I am a lot more nervous for this year. Even though I don’t have to enter or even tweet saying I want to, I just have those extra few butterflies in my tummy. It would absolutely mean the world to me if you clicked the link above (or this one) and just nominated. Obviously you don’t have to, but it would make me smile a tad more :) My awesome GIF tells you exactly how to do it… just in case ;)

style blogger awards 2014 missguided company magazinePlease do nominate other bloggers whilst you are at it, I don’t want you just doing it for me! I want to share the love, so if you’re not sure who to vote for the other categories, here’s a few links… I nominated these myself, FYI!

Best Personal Style Blog – WishWishWish
Best Designed Blog – Miss JoJangles
Best Fashion Blog – Temporary Secretary
Best Style Vlogger – Briar Rose Blog

Thank you SO much once again! Even if I do not get shortlisted, I am so grateful if you go and take the time to nominate me. If you’re thinking of somebody who will be grateful for the award… I sure will be… hehe ;)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Wishlist: Getting Ready For Summer

Hello lovely people! Today I have a Wishlist! If you haven’t seen on Twitter, I have been banging on about doing this post for sooo long, and I’m so excited it is finally here! My blog schedule has finally calmed down and I can just chill, so here you go… …Happy April Fools! No tricks here, so don’t worry! ;)

wishlist: Chelsea Doll, Peacocks, New Look & ASOS
Click on the product you like to buy!

White Caged Chunky Block Heel Sandals -
My love for this style sandal is unreal. I found them first on a blog and since them I have been looking for a cheaper equivalent, and what do we have here?! I’m so excited because I will be getting these and that makes me happy! They are just so versatile, and perfect for summer. I’m not a big fan of flat, thin strappy sandals, so these are just perfect!

Pale Blue Spot Crepe Boxy Shirt -
I love pastels, and I love shirts… so what more could I want?! Again, this will be on the way to me soon, but I would probably have preferred the monochrome one, but my size was out of stock so… *insert unhappy face emoiji* I think it will look really nice with a strappy dress I have (was in my old blog header) in spring time, and even nicer on it’s own in the summer!

Fabulous Flatform Sandals -
Another pair of sandals… and no I am not just calling them fabulous for no reason… that is in fact their name! I saw these on Twitter and I absolutely love them! They’re holographic and all colourful, and the straps are that lovely thickness which makes them look all swish. Definitely wish I hadn’t found these now…

Friendship Bracelet Watch -
Ahhh! This is already in my ASOS basket since it has dropped in price! It’s so gorgeous and very ‘festival’ fashion-y, and I just love it to bits! I’m one of those annoying people who love to stack hundreds of bracelets with frayed ends on top of each other, and this would be amazing amongst my collection! Practical and ridiculously cute! If I was made of money, I would get the pastel version too…

Embellished Transparent Waist Belt -
I love clothing or accessories which you can see through… well obviously not t-shirts or pants because that could get a little awkward, but I think I can make an exception for a belt! This is so pretty, but I’m not sure I could spend as much as it is on a thing which will go around my waist. It is adorable though!

Mini Patent PU Skirt -
Ahhh (again)! My love for pastel patent skirts is insane! I honestly could die for one right now. It’s soooo cute! I actually prefer the one from Missguided (here) which is also much cheaper, but they don’t do good images for blog posts… #bloggerproblems

Aztec Bikini -
This bikini is SO SO SO nice! I am obsessed with it! I have a pink frilly one from M&S but the frills get in the way when wearing it underneath other things, so this would be just perfect! It’s such a nice print, and the top is just adorable and totally the right sort of style for erm… my flat chest aha… it’s also such a bargain too! Definitely such a cute piece from a brand such as Peacocks!

Culotte Shorts -
Ever since Zoella’s trip on holiday last year, and her cute outfits featuring her floaty monochrome shorts, I have been wanting a pair! These are plain, but simple, and perfect for spring and summer as they are pastel! I could totally see me wearing the aztec bikini with a floaty kimono over the top. Perfect summer outfit!

Fat Joe’s Sweatshirt -
The most expensive piece of this wishlist comes from Lazy Oaf. I love the whole ‘foodie fashion’ trend, and this is a perfect way to mix pastel in with it. The perfect trendy combination!

#JunkFood French Fries Necklace & Rings -
Chelsea Doll, oh dear Chelsea Doll. You do have the best statement jewellery for people on a budget. These two pieces are insane. After the whole McDonalds or ‘McSchino’ craze, I am in love with these. I want to wear them all day long and just pretend that they are the real Moschino deal. I would like them please, please, PLEASE. *flutters eye lashes*

Thank you so much for reading, and if you like… leave a comment below!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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2 Years of Blogging | Why Do I Blog?

Today is a very special day because this space of internet, more commonly known as Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion, is celebrating it’s 2nd birthday (and it’s 520th post!) Yes, 730 days have past since I set up my little blog, so I thought I would answer that 1 important question… Why Do I Blog?

Happy Birthday TDPStripey Top (Saint James), Tie Dye Jumpsuit (Matalan), Necklace (Chelsea Doll)*, Aztec Headband (DIY) & Frame (IKEA)

When I started writing this blog I didn’t really have a set path that I wanted it to lead. I didn’t really want to get into magazines or speak on the radio… to be honest I didn’t even know that was possible just for ‘writing a blog’. I had the domain for my site, but I didn’t necessarily have the vision of what it would become… so why? I was 11 when I started it, and I did actually have previous blog experience, with my old Tumblr account where I would post celebrity get the look posts, and then my attempt on Blogger called ‘Tolly Dolly Posh’s Universe’, oh and don’t forget that Wix site which had a nodding pug in the corner of each page (yes, I really had that)! Anyway, I’ve always wanted to do something in fashion because of my mum, who if you don’t know worked for Mulberry before even my sister was born, which means I have always had the influence of art and fashion in my life. I thought well, why not start a site where I can share my love for it? Seems like a logical idea, non?

Well, that’s what I did, and you can go back if you like and see how terrible my posts were, with my Instagram outfit posts… looking back I am surprised that Victoria White from Company Magazine even wanted to leave a comment on my mini Nail Rock review… (thank you though ;) ) That’s not really why I actually do it though, well now anyway. I still really hope my blog gets me closer to my goal, which is to work in fashion, but I feel like I have really found the reason I still spend a good hour editing pictures and waiting for my slow HP notebook to even load one image from my camera, and why I have over 600 emails in my ‘BLOGGING STUFF’ folder (it’s in capitals so I thought I would say the exact truth). The reason is because I love getting feedback. It sounds odd, but it really is a magical feeling when you get something back from what you do.

happy birthday tdp2My sister surprised me and my brother with her iPad as an early b-day prezzie. Wiped clean, just like new! Eee!

I enjoy when people say ‘Those pictures look awesome’ or ‘Great post’. Even a favourite of a tweet on Twitter makes me smile. I don’t get many comments, or thousands of views a day, but just one makes it all seem worthwhile. At the beginning it was mainly my family and a few friends from school acknowledging my blog, then I hit a point where I had followers… I had people enjoying what I posted. The numbers aren’t the reason, do understand that. I absolutely push the idea of blogging being more about the fun of it all! I just love the feeling of the bit by each post changing from ‘Leave A Comment’ to ’1 comment’.

Something made me question why I blog, which is the whole ‘free stuff’ dilemma. Yes, I do get sent things, and it is a very nice cherry on the top, being recognised by brands etc, but I now know that’s not the reason. You could strip all of that away, and I would be tip top! I am only happy if I have that one view, and that one comment. It’s like on Twitter, if I had 5 followers, I would rather have the most interactive people, or people like Susie Bubble or Zoe from Zoe London (formerly London Lipgloss – thanks to both of them for being awesome!) who I genuinely look up to in the blogging world, than 5 people who couldn’t care less. The other day Susie actually quoted something from my About page on Twitter and I actually couldn’t believe it - the quote is below! Little old me being acknowledged by somebody like her?! I am so lucky to have such nice followers and readers, and there aren’t many of you, so you know that I don’t do it for the numbers. I do it for the feedback, and the interaction. That’s why I blog!

happy birthday tdp3As I said, it’s been 2 full years since I started up this blog! I believe I actually published my first post on the 31st of March, but the site was born 730 days ago… ;) Since then, I have grown 2 years on me, I have achieved stuff that I literally cannot believe I have done, and I have changed a whole heck of a lot! Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere soon, but I feel like 2014 is going to be the year for even more change *cough* new blog design *cough*, and for really developing my skills. I hope it is as successful as last year, and that you stick with me for another one!

This post was inspired by the gorgeous Plum, so definitely go and check her’s out here! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Going On An Adventure*

Hello everyone! Just a little fact before you starting reading this blog post… that title is actually from the Snowy Adventure episode of Tots TV… oh yes, how cool? Hahaha! Ah… the things my family think of when we go on a nice woodland walk… also, look at my bland straight hair for a good while longer… this maybe the last ever OOTD where it is pretty boring! I got some subtle layers in my hair, and it’s a bit shorter (picture here)! ;) Also also! Look, look, look… I was interviewed by Company Magazine :O about my new site, Bundle! You can read it here! Snazzy!

my style joules ark clothing chelsea doll my style joules ark clothing chelsea dollWhat I Wore: French Navy Bouquet Shirt (Joules)*, H&M Monochrome Trousers (Jumble Sale), Faux Leather Biker Jacket £46.99 (ARK Clothing)*, Girls Red Seafarer Wellies £29.95 (Joules)*, Welly Socks £12.95 (Joules)* & ‘Scissor Sisters’ Necklace £15.00 (Chelsea Doll)*

Woahhh! Way too over exposed face… do excuse! There is this really lovely path near us which takes you through the woods and into this great big valley, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show off ma’ new red girls wellies! I think it makes a nice change to the usual outfit, because you can see what I really wear. I’m not saying what I wear isn’t what I wear (aha), I just mean that this is more casual and relaxed and perhaps a more day to day outfit! These wellies though *perfection hand sign* are so comfortable! I’ve worn them out and about and they are just so warm and snug! Paired with the Joules welly socks, they are the ultimate pair, and in my opinion, a bargain! They are in the kids section, but they go up to an adult size 7! And of course you cannot forget my blouse and faux leather jacket combo once again (see previous outfit here), my brother says it’s a James May shirt (-____-) but I say it is utterly gorgeous… and it is, for sure!

my style joules ark clothing chelsea doll my style joules ark clothing chelsea dollAhah! My face is so funny in that top picture… the path is very downhill so the walk back up made me all red faced! You can see my wellies in some underwater action too! No leakages so far, and it meant I could splash around and show off to my family who were all in normal shoes ;) #WellyAdvantages ;) Ooh ooh and you can see more of my AWESOME scissor necklace from Chelsea Doll! I love how it just peeps under the collar of my blouse and looks like it is almost embellished onto it! You can see a clearer picture below, FYI! I do have to say though, country walks are so nice, especially when you have a can of coke at the end ;)

my style joules ark clothing chelsea doll my style joules ark clothing chelsea dollGetting all jazzy with my editing again ;) There’s not point wasting a good picture is there? May as well stick it as a border! I feel sad that I have walked in my wellies as much as I have… they’ve lost the shine they had *sob*… ah well, I guess I have my scissor necklace to make feel better! Honestly Chelsea Doll, you have some dayum good statement necklaces! :D I have a wishlist coming up soon which will feature 2 pieces which I would love to add to my collection! …for now though, I shall leave you with this funny GIF… I failed at doing the whole ‘whimsical blowing leaf GIF’… damn you wind for not helping it look even more awesome! ;)

my style joules ark clothing chelsea doll

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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