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Changing With The Seasons #1 – January, Winter*

By January 26, 2015 Changing With The Seasons

Yay! The series has really started off. I can officially confirm that you guys voted for… the blue skater skirt! *applauds* I was actually really happy that you did, because I have fallen in love with it over the past few months. If you are confused as to what ‘Changing With The Seasons’ is all about, then check out the previous blog post. Exciting!

Changing With The Seasons - How To Dress for Winter

Changing With The Seasons - How To Dress for Winter

Changing With The Seasons - How To Dress for Winter

WHAT I WORE: Skater Skirt (H&M) // Coat (Charity Shop) // Photo Bomb Jumper (Adolescent Clothing)* // Pineapple Necklace (Ohh Deer)* // Tights (Heat Holders)* // Vagabond Dioon Shoes (Mastershoe)*

Changing With The Seasons - How To Dress for Winter

Changing With The Seasons - How To Dress for Winter

Changing With The Seasons - How To Dress for Winter

To add to the whole ‘seasonal’ part of this, I genuinely was freezing whilst taking these photos… that’s why there aren’t that many to look at (sorry!). But, that doesn’t take away the charm of the outfit. As I mentioned in one of my recent YouTube videos, I’ve been loving 90s style right now, so statement oversized jumpers have been ma’ thang’. I love them! I’ve paired up with Adolescent Clothing, which meant they sent me over their super cool Photo Bomb jumper. I first spotted it on ASOS, and adore it. It’s made me fall in love with primary colours, and even white.

The skirt really complements the jumper, especially when you nicely tuck it in. I added my super crazy Dalmatian coat on top for an added layer… I really am a rebel! Mixing black and navy… who knew it could look okay? Monochrome really is a fail safe option for any outfit.

Changing With The Seasons - How To Dress for Winter

Changing With The Seasons - How To Dress for Winter

Changing With The Seasons - How To Dress for Winter

 In terms of accessories, I decided to play it simple. I’ve been tossing and turning over getting some Vagabonds for ages, and I finally caved and got them. I used to have a really similar ASOS pair, but these are definitely something different. They’ve got quite a high heel, but they’re balanced out with a platform for comfort. I know white isn’t the obvious choice to go for, but I love how they look. What do you think?

Another new piece into my wardrobe is my adorable pineapple necklace. I have been wanting one from And Mary for ages and I finally got the chance! It’s beautiful. The detail is incredible and I can’t stop staring at it when it’s around my neck. Ooh ooh! Who can spot my french manicure? I did it myself and I’m quite chuffed. Cute and simple, just how I like it!


To top it off, I thought I would treat you to a video! I’m going to do one per ‘CWTS’ post, and I hope you enjoy them. Just the outfit in video form so you can really see how it goes together. Let me know what you think and don’t forget to head over to my channel and subscribe :)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Getting Back Into YouTube | New Videos

By January 23, 2015 YouTube

Scary times people! I’m back on that thing called YouTube… eep! One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to start filming videos again, because for some reason, you guys actually seem to like them?! Yeah, I know… so without further a-do, come and watch me gabble about nothing and answer a few questions that I got asked on Twitter & Instagram. Enjoy!


This video is simply just me telling you that I’m filming videos again… in a faux fur pastel gilet. Yup. No, I should probably take this a bit more seriously… I genuinely want to get back into YouTube. I just find it really hard to actually think up ideas. With blogging, you write and take pictures and you let that do the talking, but with YouTube, you have to sit down and make words come out of your mouth without sounding like any other ‘vlogger’. I don’t really want to do tags, although I have done them in the past… and with blogging as well, I know that artsy type videos take a long time. So, I’m just winging it basically. We’ll see what happens. Yeah?


For my second video of the year, I decided to film a bit of a Q&A session. I don’t know whether it’s very interesting, but I thought it would be an easy way to quick off the year, non? Thank you for the questions by the way! If you really want to know what goes on, I tell you where my dream place to live is, why I have all of those black and white logos in my sidebar (features, innit’) and whether I prefer summer or winter. Enjoy!

So erm… yeah! I should actually have a new video really soon (aka, in my next blog post) so if you want to see that before anyone else, then make sure you subscribe… oh and click the like button, leave a comment and share it with all of your friends (I jest)… :) I apologise for the sarcasm in this post but as you can probably tell I’m slightly nervous about this whole video thing… 

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

A-Z Fashion Guide: Brick Lane

By January 21, 2015 A-Z Fashion

You may have noticed that I’ve decided to stop my Series Sunday schedule. It really hasn’t been working out for me, and it means I can blog much more freely without it, but do not fear! The series I posted on Sundays will still be around, just like my A-Z Fashion Guide! Today I will be talking about a few things to do in Brick Lane, and why I think it deserves to be in my guide… and yes, all puns to do with ‘lanes’ are in italics… 

A-Z Fashion Guide - Things To Do on Brick Lane

For the third and final instalment of letter ‘B’ in my A-Z Fashion Guide, I decided to go down a different route and learn a bit more about Brick Lane. Upon research, I didn’t actually find that much about it’s connection with fashion, but in my opinion it is notorious for it’s stylish streets.

I think most importantly, it’s known for it’s vintage shops and markets. Not only are they a treasure trove for those who love their clothes, but it’s also the perfect place for street style photographers to get dozens of shots. With it’s bundles of tattered Dr Martens and flannel shirts piled upon piles.

Brick Lane maybe more commonly known for it’s culture and food markets, which to me plays an important role in to why I’ve included it into my guide. The different styles and ethnicity all merge together, and I think that’s what fashion is all about. Designs and trends from all different walks of life. 


I’ve put together a little map of the area and have included a few recommended hot spots for vintage shopping. I can’t say that I’ve been to all of these, but I know by social media what is good and what is not. Here’s a few mini reviews for you:

BOXPARK - This place is pretty cool. It’s made up of shipping containers and is full to the brim of pop-up shops. It has brands from GAP to MOO (yeah, for that business card shopping spree you’ve been dying to go on…), and even has a place to get a bite to eat. A cool photography opportunity too. Who can resist corrugated iron?

Rokit Vintage - I’ve heard a lot about Rokit online, and upon close inspection of their website, all sounds well and good. They’ve got loads of unique and one off items that you wouldn’t get anywhere else, so it’s worth checking out… and if you can’t get there by foot, check out their website.

The Vintage Market - This is the, and the hive of Brick Lane’s fashionistas. Full to the brim of colourful clothes and accessories. It’s underground and has a pretty darn cool vibe to it. Come with a few coins, or plenty. A good experience nonetheless.

What do you think of Brick Lane? Know any interesting facts? Let me know in the comments!

(As always, you can find all image sources on my Pinterest.)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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6 Important Blogging FAQs, Answered

By January 18, 2015 General

Every week my inbox is bound to receive a question related to blogging, and it’s hard to answer every single one individually, so I’ve decided today is the day that I shall answer them all, and for good! Obviously some of you might have different questions, but I know that these are frequently asked ones, so it should help the majority of you, whether you have a blog already, or you have only just started. Don’t forget to leave me any questions in the comments too, I will try and answer them all for you!

Blogging FAQs - How To Start A Blog

What is the best blogging platform?

In my opinion this is very personal. I’ve only ever tried WordPress because that is what my family has always used. I’ve tried Blogger when working on other people’s blogs, and it’s just too dated and fiddly for me. WordPress has such a nice interface! Definitely look up what would work best for you, I’ve also heard that Squarespace is really good too.

How do I get more views and readers?

This is probably the most common question from newer and older bloggers. There really is no simple answer, and without going off on a tangent, you must not forget that views don’t mean everything. Social media, SEO and advertising are three basic and amazing ways to get those readers in, so definitely have a Google search on those topics.

Do I need a fancy camera?

No! You definitely don’t. The latest smart phones and basic digital cameras all do the job perfectly. DSLRs are expensive and are not for everyone. I actually did a post all about this topic so definitely check it out. Don’t go splashing the cash without some research! Oh and for all those asking, I use the Nikon D3200 with the 35mm 1:1.8G DX lens!

Blogging FAQs - How To Start A Blog(Recognise this ‘lens’? It’s the mug from my Christmas wishlist. SO COOL! Also, follow me on Instagram, yeah?)

How many times a week should I publish a blog post?

This is really up to you, and when your schedule says you can. Things like school, work and family are much more important so don’t let blogging take over other aspects of your life. Perhaps try and blog at least 2-3 times a week, and see if you want to increase or decrease that amount. You’ll find out what works best sooner or later.

How can I get brands to work with me?

Another answer which involves the words ‘don’t worry’, because you shouldn’t. When I started blogging I had absolutely no clue that bloggers could be sent things to review, or just generally work with them. But I know for some older bloggers, still not working with brands can be annoying if you have lots of ideas in your head.

Although some people may disagree, do you know why brands put Press and PR emails on their sites? So bloggers and members of the media can contact them. So many more brands are opening up to bloggers, so if you really want, send a polite and inviting email to them and introduce your blog and idea. If you’re waiting for brands to contact you, then it may just be that your blog still needs to develop.

Brands use bloggers as a form of advertising, so it’s very rare that they will send you something just as a ‘gift’, so don’t be sad if nothing comes. Wait until those readers are rolling in (this can take 2 months, or 2 years), and you’ll see brands rolling in too.

What on earth is HTML?

Coding! It’s the magical stuff that puts together quite a lot of your blog. There is also CSS which puts together most of the structure and design of your blog. I would probably recommend learning some if you have the time. Even if you just learn the basics like how to center an image through HTML tags, or how to change a HEX number in your CSS. It’s really simple stuff that can be vital to the blogging process. If you need some extra help, check out Quack HTML. I’ve found it super handy!

P.S There is a new video going up (or already up) on my YouTube channel… yeah only took me since last summer!

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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