4 A/W 14′ Accessory Trends To Know About

When reading the latest ELLE Collections magazine for A/W 14′ (highly recommend), I was inspired to do something a little different. I realise now that I haven’t done a good old fashion post in a long while. I used to love doing them when I started blogging! Instead of doing clothing trends, I’m here to talk about 4 of my favourite A/W 14′ Accessory Trends. Let me know which is your favourite in the comments!

a/w 2014-2015 accessory trends big belts


Something I noticed when looking at A/W collections was big. chunky. belts. To be quite honest I’m not the biggest fan of belts but I’m liking this trend as it gives me an excuse to wear these 2 belts above! I chose these because they are nice and versatile. I think I will wear these under nice big coats, I already have my eye on this New  Look number! It seems like ASOS are doing this trend best though!

a/w 2014-2015 accessory trends statement bag


I’m not a big bag wearer as I have mentioned many times before, so the reason I like this trend is because it means you can wear the bolder bags in your collection. Not necessarily novelty bags, more simple, classic styles in bright colours. Perhaps not even bright colours, perhaps just a striking monochrome combination. I believe I picked up this bag in a charity shop… it’s definitely not available in shops currently, that’s for sure!

a/w 2014-2015 accessory trends faux fur


You have probably already heard of this trend which is of course faux fur. I think faux fur is always a hit for A/W, but especially this year! I love it! I have my eyes on a few pieces and I really hope I can get my hands on them :) For now though, I will be wearing my good old ASOS cuffs (they were £1.50 about 2 years ago!) and my new friend from Fashion Angels ‘Style Lab’ which is launching soon! What do you think about this trend? Yay or nay? Love it or hate it? Is it a marmite trend?!

a/w 2014-2015 accessory trends badges


Finally, badges! Mainly patches and applique rather than actual badges but I still feel like they fit in. I really like this trend. It’s preppy yet you could wear it in a really chic way in my opinion. I believe some people are calling it the ‘Adorkable’ trend! The badges on my jacket (another bargain find) are a mix of jumble sale finds, Phiney Pet* and even an Effort badge I got in Year 6. Yup! Again ASOS are doing this trend right

I’ll be back soon, I’m quite busy at the moment but it’s all for exciting things! I hope you are still enjoying this little old blog of mine :)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Dressing Up, Growing Up*

Hiya! I have a little OOTD/My Style post for you today as you can tell by the title! This weeks batch of photos has made me love my lens all over again. It’s very picky with lighting so when it goes smoothly, I’m a happy lady! I hope you like the pictures too!

my style dressing up ootd sunita mukhi new look my style dressing up ootd sunita mukhi new look my style dressing up ootd sunita mukhi new lookWhat I Wore: Striped Top (Saint James), Mint and Pink Midi Skirt €1.50 (Jumble Sale), White Strappy Heels £10.00 (New Look)*, Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses (Jumble Sale) & Eye Shaped Clutch £35.00 (Sunita Mukhi)*

To me this is a very grown up style of outfit. Although I love fun and bright clothes, I also love trying out more sophisticated styles, and one of my favourite ways of doing that is to wear a midi skirt and heels! Oh and of course my striped top… sorry about it being featured so much but I’d rather be truthful than wear something that I don’t like as much! The title of this post also says it, but I feel like I am definitely growing up a lot more recently and I would definitely say it is influencing my style. I still love fun pieces like I mentioned, but I’m going towards more versatile items and wanting to match them with more grown-up textures. Don’t panic though, I’m no way going to be toning down my outfits! I love how I dress, even if that does sound vain! It shouldn’t do though because if you feel confident in what you wear then that is a good thing, surely?

my style dressing up ootd sunita mukhi new lookmy style dressing up ootd sunita mukhi new look my style dressing up ootd sunita mukhi new lookWhen I bought this skirt I did worry it was a little bit granny-ish, but now I look at it, I totally disagree. The print and colours put a modern twist on the style and feel of the skirt and make it a bit more me. I really do need to stop imaging skirts like this to be full and puffy though… I love them like that but I always imagine skirts in different styles when I purchase them. For one euro fifty though, you can’t really go wrong! The heels add a cute touch too… what d’ya think?

my style dressing up ootd sunita mukhi new lookmy style dressing up ootd sunita mukhi new look my style dressing up ootd sunita mukhi new look my style dressing up ootd sunita mukhi new lookAccessories time! I was recently sent a piece from Sunita Mukhi to have a look at and I knew instantly it was going to be a photogenic piece! I have to honestly say that it isn’t really my style because it is just so bling bling, but I know that some people could totally rock it. The ‘Serena’ collection has recently launched and is being sold by Urban Outfitters, so if you are interested make sure to check out the rest of the range here! The team at SM are super supportive though, even if the bag isn’t right up my street :) Something I am totally into though is cat-eye sunglasses, especially these bargain ones I picked up ages ago. I really like the sort of rose gold shade they are and the shape. I believe they suit me! Do you agree?!

Do let me know if you still enjoy OOTDs! Another will be posted quite soon but then none for a while again because of LFW! Yay! :) Oh and I have a give-away up if you didn’t catch it!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Sharing the Blogger Love + GIVE-AWAY*

Greetings (erm… K), today I have a slightly different post for you! ‘Hmm what could it be?’ I hear you say! Well, I’m going to be sharing a few of my favourite blogs with you in the form of the (slightly edition version…) ‘Blogger Love Tag‘, as well as throwing on a give-away at the end! How on earth will I tie in bloggers with a give-away? You shall have to see young one.

blogger love tag and give-away stylefruits

What was the first blog you ever came across?
I actually cannot remember… I never really used to read that many blogs before I started and if I did they can’t have been that good otherwise I would remember *giggles*

Favourite fashion blog reads?
LLYMLRS – In the past year or so I would say Lily has been on the top of her game. Her style is not exactly ‘me’, but I find what she wears really inspiring. Plus her content is always lovely, especially her gorgeous photography!

Cocorrina – Techinally not just a fashion blog but either way her blog is fabby-dabby-dosie. I adore her photography and imagery, it is divine. Definitely a huge inspiration for me and my style.

Fashion Rhapsody – I found Rose’s blog when we both shortlisted in the Company Style Blogger Awards this year and I love it! Her posts are simple but her OOTDs are totally up my street. Some pieces of her wardrobe are to die for.

What is your favourite way to read blogs?
I use BlogLovin’ all day, ‘ery day. It’s easy to use and you can even sort blogs in to lists. I give my favourite posts a nice little heart, and mark all the posts as read when I’m finished. It’s a lovely way to spend you mornings! You can follow me on BL’ here FYI!

Which blog has the best design/look in your opinion?
I think everyone will probably agree and this one has to go to Carrie (from WishWishWish). Her blog is stunning and portrays her personality from header to footer. I wish I had the £££ to get my site done all swish and snazzy like hers… *sighs* One day, one day!

blogger love tag and give-away stylefruitsSo… the give-away! I was recently featured in the Stylefruits Brilliantly British: Fashion Bloggers 2014 blogger trump cards! (That’s a mouthful!) It’s basically like a pack of ‘Top Trumps’ but all about bloggers! I’ve already played it with my family and it was a good laugh! The stats are really random from daily cups of tea to how many umbrellas each blogger owns, but it’s also a really cool way to get to know some bloggers you haven’t heard of before. I’m going to be giving away 2 packs of exclusively printed cards! How cool?! To win a pack and play a game which involves ma’ face, just enter below! You have 1 week to do so, T&Cs are also below. If you don’t win, click here to download your own pack! Good luck!  :D

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(As part of the Stylefruits Brilliantly British: Fashion Bloggers 2014 pack, I was kindly sent some cards to give-away! I was not paid to write this post, for more information, read my full PR disclaimer here.)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Life, My Style: French Exploration

Well hello’ there ladies and gents. I decided it was time I did a bit more than just an outfit post and took some lifestyle pictures too… so do excuse the rather cheesy use of a comma in this post title… it sounds like some sort of bad ITV2 reality show! Anyway, lets get on with this… oh and wish Papa Posh a belated Happy Birthday seeing as these pictures were taken on that day!

my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crown my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crown my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crownThe first place we visited was a place called Auch. We’d been there before but only in the winter so it was so weird to see it with real, actual, living people wondering around. There’s a massive cathedral, and so many tiny little streets to wonder round. The thing about France is that you pass so many random, freaky things every time, it makes it a real adventure!

my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crown my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crown my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crown my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crownComing out of Auch we stumbled across this huge Bric-o-Brac center… full. of. junk. It would be the sort of place to go to if you wanted a really bohemian, mix match house full of random bits and bobs. I got a bit excited when I saw the clothes though, unfortunately there were no awesome bargains (darn it!), but it was fun to look around. Mama Posh and I jokingly decided which of the old arm chairs we would pick if we had to… I decided that I would go for the mustard ones, and perhaps the paisley one too. I don’t know, there’s something kind of cool about them?!

my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crown my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crown my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crownWe then found another weird place which was basically a ‘brocante’ fair (brocante basically means junk or odds and ends, just with a few more antique pieces thrown in), it had one bit which was a church full of really expensive pieces, really beautiful. I found this stunning mustard post box too… I must have a thing for mustard at the moment, it’s so pretty! To top it all off I had a Lipton Ice Tea after. It’s probably my favourite drink at the moment, it’s so refreshing! What’s yours?! Tell me in the comments… maybe I’ll discover something new to sip on!

my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crown my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crown my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crownmy style asos footlocker converse diy floral crownWhat I Wore: Stripey Top (Saint James), Denim Camo Skirt (ASOS), Silver Belt (Unknown), Sunglasses (Topshop), Sunflower Floral Crown (DIY) & Leopard Converse Hi-Tops (Footlocker)

So let’s get down to business… the outfit kinda’ business! I know this outfit is kind of similar to my last outfit but who cares… we were travelling quite a bit and clothes are meant to be worn more than once, non? This outfit is pretty simple, a little french if you want to say that, with nautical stripes and a denim skirt! I haven’t worn this skirt in forever, and it’s about time I did seeing as it’s getting on the short side now. I’m not sure what else to say about this outfit… it’s kind of self explanatory in my opinion :)

my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crown my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crown my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crownBut on second thoughts there is always time to explain the details! Let’s talk about my new floral crown for example! I picked up some more false flowers from a jumble sale for about three euros fifty after some haggling, but my brother says the white peonies look like onions and now I’m self conscious that they do. Do they?! If they do, let’s just comfort my little soul and say the sunflowers definitely look like sunflowers! It’s my first DIY elastic floral crown and after 2 burnt fingers I’d definitely say I’ll stick to alice band ones…! Another cheeky OOTD with my Converse. I do love them, very very much.

my style asos footlocker converse diy floral crownWell that’s it folks. I’ll leave you with this picture where I look really disheveled from sitting in the car most of the day. I’m also half smiling due to the fact people were walking past and I was trying to take a nice picture without looking really stupidly vain… ah well, c’est la vie! If you do like this kind of post, do let me know in the comments and I shall try and do some more when I can. Speak soooooon! 

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Is It Time To Say R.I.P To Magazines?

You may or may not have seen on Twitter that sadly my favourite magazine has announced it’s leaving the real world for the dark side… aka, the Internet. The matte papered, blogger-loving magazine which is Company, has left the building (or is leaving… in September). So, is it time to say R.I.P to the good old magazine?

Is it time to say RIP to magazines? Company magazine announces closure

I’ve always loved magazines, my favourites as a ‘kid’ (I’m a teen now ya’ see), were mainly Girl Talk & Mizz, and like most cool mums, Mama Posh has always had her huge (I mean huge…) collection, - “Don’t you dare cut them up!” -. There is something quite satisfying about flicking through the glossy (or matte) pages of nicely dressed people and getting your dose of fashion and celebrity news. It’s like a bible of inspiration!

There has always been the negatives though, even before we add in the Internet taking the limelight. One of my biggest hates about magazines is the amount of advertisements that are thrown under our noses. Quite frankly, it’s not the airbrushed models that really get on my nerves, it’s the fact that quite a lot of the people who buy (fashion) magazines can’t afford Gucci or Prada handbags, so why put an ad every 2 pages? In my opinion magazines like Vogue and Elle are just billboards made of paper, with celebrities and supermodels binding them together. I’m sure there are people who agree, which I suppose makes it 1-0 to the web. FYI, I know that advertisements bring in the dough for the publishers…

Not only can readers generally not afford what is offered on these advertisements, they also can’t afford it when magazines are more expensive than a nice lunch. I’ve seen some magazines priced at £15-£20 recently. 2-0 to the Internet. Free content obviously has it’s benefits… for now anyway, e-Magazines have rising prices too don’t forget!

Speaking of content, bloggers, vloggers and popular sites make magazine content look rather drab. With videos, articles and sometimes interactive features, the Internet provides us with more than we could ever ask for. I believe that there is a great expectation for online publishers to be honest and true to life, yet if magazines are to be a thing of the past, then bloggers etc will fill those jobs and that whole aspect will die. I already see it in my opinion. 3-0.

Unfortunately it’s not looking too good for Team Magazine, the only positives seem to be that it is a tradition that we may not let go of for a few more years, or the fact that it provides stable jobs. Being a freelancer is proving more popular, but it’s a lot harder especially when you don’t know what’s coming next in terms of the economy.

As a lover of magazines, especially Company, it is sad to see them loose their charm, but perhaps the online world has something even better up it’s sleeves…
Let me know your thoughts, just leave me a comment! I’d love to hear them  :) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Scrap Social #1: The First Few Pages

I had an old notebook lying around, a spare few moments and an idea. I took several Company magazine’s, some scissors and a glue stick, and started a little scrapbook. I think I mainly decided to do this as a source of inspiration, but also because I wanted something creative to do instead of reaching to the iPad/internet when I became remotely bored. I decided to call it ‘Scrap Social’.. aka, scrapping social media… whilst scrap booking. Dah-dah! #ScrapSocial ✌ (Cuttings etc are mostly from Company/Vogue etc etc…)

scrap social how to make a scrap book scrap social how to make a scrap bookThe first few pages are fairly random, but somehow I managed to make the first two look fairly Tumblr-esque which I am quite proud of! I think the fun in scrap-booking is how random it is allowed to be. Let your mind run free! I feel like the more random it looks the better… you can see with my third page it isn’t quite perfect as I attempted to make it look like some kind of story or whatever, in the end it ended up in a mess, but that’s the joy of this idea. You can see how your inspiration becomes even more artistic as the pages go on!

scrap social how to make a scrap book scrap social how to make a scrap bookThe fourth page is probably my most favourite. It’s super cute, yet the flowers and doodles add a spontaneous twist. I added some nail art pieces to this page to make it more three dimensional and more textured, but if you don’t have anything to use, try different papers… more about that towards the end!  I love how the next page really fits in with the whole feel of the previous one… it’s sort of geometric with a girly edge. I think the best way to make a scrapbook feel more individual is to do spontaneous scribbles. It makes it come to life! I also want to try sewing to make it look like the paper has been stitched… we shall see!

scrap social how to make a scrap bookscrap social how to make a scrap bookI believe colour and text is another way to really make your scrapbook more fun. I experimented with it in these four pages.. I think I prefer it when it’s already there for you… my doodle-y handwriting is not the best! I also tried felt tips and stickers. I’m all for the stickers, but I’m still deciding on felt tips… what do you think?

scrap social how to make a scrap book scrap social how to make a scrap bookOkay I lied about that other page being my favourite. These ones are! As I got more into doing these pages, I feel like I have found my feet. Flower sketches, matching colours and biro pen doodles are my favourite techniques! I just love the way it looks. I even stuck a false flower on the last page… rebel! Even if I am saying it myself… this just looks so pretty!

scrap social how to make a scrap bookSo we come to the end of the first #ScrapSocial round up! I’ve listed a few tips and tricks below just in case you are interested! I’d love to see some of you lovely people getting involved. Let’s scrap social media (well, not completely), start getting creative and share how we get a long!

  • Don’t pay out on a fancy book! Most notebooks will do the job nicely… I actually love the effect it gives.
  • Use magazines with matte paper! I think it gives the best effect… but of course you can experiment with different textures.
  • Biros are your best friend! Pencils are cool, but pens are better.
  • Don’t stick to one theme, let your mind go wild.

Leave a comment letting me know if you have started a scrap book recently and if you will be getting involved with #ScrapSocial! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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